Mixed Fun Quiz of Science

In this quiz, you will find questions on different topics of science like heat flow, animal kingdom, animal cell, ecosystem, atoms, unit, and measurement. You will get to know about all these topics in this single quiz.

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Which of these might be part of an animal's circulatory system? Select all that apply.

blood vessels




Complete the sentence.

If waste is not removed from an animal's body, the waste will ##make the animal sick##.

become a new cell make the animal sick disappear

Select the chemical formula for this molecule.




Argon is a gas used to protect important documents, including the United States Constitution, from decay. The chemical formula for argon is Ar.

Complete the statement.

Argon is ##an elementary substance##.

a compound an elementary substance

An earthworm crawled through a garden at a steady speed. It crawled 14 millimeters in 2 seconds. What was the earthworm's speed?





A white-backed vulture is soaring across the sky at a steady speed of 20 meters per second. How long will the vulture take to travel 120 meters?

4 seconds

5 seconds

6 seconds

A motorcycle is swerving to the right to avoid a pothole.

Which statement describes the motorcycle's motion?

The motorcycle has a constant velocity.

The motorcycle is accelerating.

The images below show two pairs of magnets. The magnets in different pairs do not affect each other. All the magnets shown are made of the same material, but some of them are different shapes.

Think about the magnetic force between the magnets in each pair. Which of the following statements is true?

The magnitude of magnetic force is smaller in pair 1.

The magnitude of magnetic force is smaller in pair 2.

The magnitude of magnetic force is the same in both pairs.

Acetaldehyde is a substance commonly used in chemical factories. It is often produced by combining ethylene gas and oxygen gas.

Consider the following reaction:

4 molecules of ethylene (C2H4) react with 2 molecules of oxygen (O2) to produce some amount of acetaldehyde (C2H4O).

During this reaction, how many molecules of acetaldehyde (C2H4O) are produced?




Complete the sentence.

Your breath becoming visible on a cold day is a ____________.

chemical change

physical change

This organism is an orange clownfish. It is also called Amphiprion percula.

Which is this organism's common name?

Orange clownfish

Amphiprion percula

This organism is a red-eyed tree frog. It is also called Agalychnis callidryas.

Which is this organism's scientific name?

red-eyed tree frog

Agalychnis callidryas

Select the part whose main job is to store nutrients, water, and waste in a plant cell.




Select the part whose main job is to break down sugar to release energy that a plant cell can use.



endoplasmic reticulum

Some parts of a plant cell are denoted by numbers in the below plant cell diagram. Match them accordingly.

This is a piece of chalk. Chalk forms below the ocean floor. It is made of the body parts of tiny marine organisms. The main mineral in chalk is calcite.

Some marine organisms make hard shells. When the organisms die, these shells fall to the ocean floor. Over time, layers of broken shells can get pressed together into chalk.

What type of rock is chalk?




This is a piece of slate. Slate usually forms from a sedimentary rock called shale. Slate can form when shale is changed by high temperature and pressure.

Slate is usually dark-colored. The word blackboard comes from the color of the slate. Decades ago, blackboards were made of black slate.

What type of rock is slate?




Two 10-gram wax candles are identical except for their thermal energies.

Which wax candle has a lower temperature?

the wax candle with more thermal energy

the wax candle with less thermal energy

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