Learning the Units and Measurements

In this quiz, you will get to know about the different units and measurements. You will learn about different units of distance, mass, volume, etc. You will also get to know about the abbreviation of the many units.

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How long is the Mississippi River? Select the best estimate.

2,300 inches

2,300 yards

2,300 miles

2,300 feet

How long is a garden snail? Select the best estimate.

2 inches

2 miles

2 feet

2 yards

How long is a car key? Select the best estimate.

7 centimeters

7 kilometers

7 meters

7 millimeters

What is the temperature of a bowl of ice cream? Select the better estimate.



What is the temperature of a cold glass of water? Select the better estimate.



Write 29.7seconds using the unit abbreviation.

29.7 sec

29.7 seconds

What will be the 60 milligrams by using the unit abbreviation?

60 mg

60 kg

What is the volume of a large trash can? Select the best estimate.

15 fluid ounce

15 cups

15 gallons

What is the mass of an ear of corn? Select the best estimate.

10 ounces

10 pounds

10 tons

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