Reflect on your conversation in speaking

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1. What the heck
What the hell
Not important
A) How about we ride the taxi to work?
B) What the heck.
A) Let me switch over to 4g.
B) What the hell. Just make it quick.
A) What do you say we stay in and chill?
B) What the heck.
A) Want some?
B) No, I’m on a diet.
A) Come on, just grab one slice
B) ok, what the heck.
5. What the heck are you doing to my car?
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2. Not that……. it’s just that…….
A) I can tell you’re scared to get down to the basement to get
your baseball bat ‘cause it’s too dark, right?
B) Not that I’m scared, it’s just that I don’t feel like it.
A) You hate our group, that’s why you never go with us.
B) it’s not that I hate you guys, it’s just that I’m cramming for
A) I know you don’t like my cooking
B) Not that I don’t like your cooking, it’s just that I had late lunch.
Better yet
1. Tell him or better yet tell your wife.
2. Come for a weekend or, better yet, come for a whole week.
3. If you can explain what you're doing or better yet why you're
doing it that would be a good start.
4. You can stay with me for the day, better yet, you can stay for
the whole weekend.
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3. 5. We could make a home cooked meal, better yet, we could
order out.
A) How about we watch a movie together?
B) Better yet, we could hit the movies.
Isn’t so hot/wasn’t so hot
1. The burger I ate last night wasn’t so hot.
2. The service here is not so hot. This restaurant is highly
3. He could speak Persian but it wasn’t so hot.
4. His performance on stage wasn’t so hot.
Before I had a chance to
1. Before I had a chance to pull out my gun, he punched me in
the face.
2. We were transferred to Afghanistan before we had a chance to
find out.
3. The hair dryer shorted out before I had a chance to unplug it.
4. Before she had a chance to start speaking, her boss cut her off.
5. He passed away before he had a chance to prepare a will.
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4. It just so happens that/ it so happens that
1. It just so happens that we'll be in the Bahamas then.
2. It just so happened they’d been invited to the party too.
3. You’re looking for a room to rent this winter? Well, it so
happens I've been looking for someone to sublet my room!
A) I’ve been in the market for a used iPad. Do you know where I
can get one?
B) It just so happens that my brother is selling his. You interested?
A) We are driving up north on the weekend.
B) It just so happens that we are going over there too.
It’s about time
1. it’s about time she got married to her boyfriend of five years.
A) After three sittings, I finally scraped through math.
B) It’s about time!
3. We’ve been on this flight for 12 hours. It’s about time we got
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5. 4. it’s about time schools opened up, the kids have been driving
us crazy.
5. Well, it’s about time you got here—I've been waiting for over
an hour!
It’s time (simple past but present meaning)(informal)
1. it’s time I left for work.
2. it’s time I told you the truth.
3. it’s time for her to get over him and move on.
4. Gosh! It’s almost midnight. It’s time we went home.
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