Reading Comprehension - Literature: "Little Bear goes to the Moon"

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Little Bear discovers that the only thing he needs to keep warm is his own fur coat, then he plays hide and seek with his friends, before making himself a moon hat out of a cardboard box.
1. Little Bear Goes to the Moon
from Little Bear
by Else Holmelund Minarik
pictures by Maurice Sendak
Read to Find Out
What will Little Bear do on his trip?
2. “ I have a new space helmet.
I am going to the moon,” said Little Bear to Mother Bear.
“How?” asked Mother Bear.
3. “Iʼm going to fly to the moon,” said Little Bear.
“Fly!” said Mother Bear.
“You canʼt fly.”
“Birds fly,” said Little Bear.
“Oh, yes,” said Mother Bear.
“Birds fly, but they donʼt fly to the moon.
And you are not a bird.”
“Maybe some birds fly to the moon,
I donʼt know.
And maybe I can fly like a bird,”
said Little Bear.
4. “And maybe,” said Mother Bear,
“you are a little fat bear cub
with no wings and no feathers.
5. “Maybe if you jump up
you will come down very fast,
with a big plop,”
“Maybe,” said Little Bear.
“But Iʼm going now.
Just look for me up in the sky.”
“Be back for lunch,” said Mother.
6. Little Bear thought.
I will jump from a good high spot,
far up into the sky,
and fly up, up, up.
I will be going too fast
to look at things,
so I will shut my eyes.
7. Little Bear climbed to the top of a little hill,
and climbed to the top of a little tree,
a very little tree on the little hill,
and shut his eyes and jumped.
8. Down, down he came with a big plop,
and down the hill he tumbled.
Then he sat up and looked around.
“My, my” he said.
“Here I am on the moon.
9. “The moon looks just like the earth.
Well, well,” said Little Bear.
“The trees here look just like our trees.
The birds look just like our birds.
10. “And look at this,” he said.
“Here is a house that looks just like my house.
Iʼll go in and see what kind of bears live here.
11. “Look at that,” said Little Bear.
“Something to eat is on the table.
It looks like a good lunch for a little bear.”
12. Mother Bear came in and said,
“But who is this?
Are you a bear from Earth?”
“Oh, yes, I am: said Little Bear.
“I climbed a little hill,
and jumped from a little tree,
and flew here, just like the birds.”
13. “Well,” said Mother Bear.
“My little bear did the same thing.
He put on his space helmet and flew to Earth.
So I guess you can have his lunch.”
14. Little Bear put his arms around
Mother Bear.
He said, “Mother Bear, stop fooling.
You are my Mother Bear
and I am you Little Bear,
and we are on Earth, and you know it.
Now may I eat my lunch?”
“Yes,” said Mother Bear,
“and then you will have your nap.
For you are my little bear,
and I know it.
15. Meet Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak loved to draw
as a child. He drew pictures for
comic books when he was still
in high school. He now writes
his own stories and draws the
pictures. His books are favorites
of children everywhere.
16. Write About It
Maurice Sendak likes funny stories.
Write a funny story about a time
You pretended to do something.
17. Comprehension Check
Think and Compare
1. Did you predict Little Bear would What I What
go to the moon? What really Predict Happens
2. Have you ever pretended you were in
a very different place? What was it
3. How are Little Bear and his mother
real people?
4. What do Little Bear and Kim in “A
Trip into Space” Both like to do?