Reading Comprehension - Literature: "Olivia"

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Everyone’s favourite pig is about to have a surprise trip to the ballet! But when Olivia overhears her mother complaining about her recent naughty behaviour, her imagination runs wild and she decides to find out everything being said about her . . . until her eavesdropping leads her to believe she is being carted off to prison!
1. Olivia
written and illustrated by Ian Falconer
Read to Find Out
What kind of pig is Olivia?
3. This is Olivia.
She is good at lots of things.
4. She is very good at wearing people out.
She even wears herself out.
5. Olivia has a little brother named Ian.
Heʼs always copying.
6. Sometimes Ian just wonʼt leave her alone,
so Olivia has to be firm.
7. Olivia lives with her mother, her father,
her brother, her dog, Perry,
And Edwin, the cat.
8. In the morning, after she gets up, and
moves the cat,
and brushes her teeth,
and combs her ears,
and moves the cat,
9. Olivia gets dressed.
She has to try on everything.
10. On sunny days, Olivia likes to go to the beach.
She feels itʼs important to come prepared.
11. Last summer when Olivia was little, her
mother showed her how to make sand
12. She got pretty good.
13. Sometimes Olivia likes to bask in the sun.
When her mother sees that sheʼs had
enough, they go home.
14. Every day Olivia is supposed to take a nap.
“Itʼs time for your you-know-what,” her
mother says. Of course Oliviaʼs not at all
15. On rainy days, Olivia likes to go to the
museum. She heads straight for her
favorite picture.
16. Olivia looks at it for a long time.
What could she be thinking?
17. But there is one painting Olivia just
doesnʼt get.
“I could do that in about five minutes,”
she says to her mother.
18. As soon as she gets home, she gives it a try.
19. Time out.
20. After a nice bath, and a nice dinner, itʼs
time for bed.
But of course Oliviaʼs not at all sleepy.
“Only five books tonight, Mommy,” she says.
21. “No, Olivia, just one.”
“How about four?”
“Oh, all right, three.
But thatʼs it !”
22. When theyʼve finished reading, Oliviaʼs
mother gives her a kiss and says, “You
know, you really wear me out. But I love
you anyway.”
And Olivia gives her a kiss back and says,
“I love you anyway too.”
23. Ian Falconer says the charactrers in his
book are based on his sisterʼs family. His
niece, Olivia, is very busy and wears out
her parents, just as Olivia in the story
does. He decided to make Olivia a pig
because he thinks pigs are very smart
animals and that theyʼre like humans in
many ways.
24. Write About It
Ian Falconer thinks pigs are smart.
Write about another smart animal.
Tell why you think itʼs smart.
25. Comprehension Check
Think and Compare
1. Could this story happen in real life?
Why or why not?
2. Do you ever act like Olivia?
In what way?
3. Olivia liked to do creative things.
What creative things do you like to do?
4. How are Olivia and Joan in “We Love Joan”