Poetic Elements: Imagery, Similes and Metaphors

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Brief descriptions of imagery, simile, and metaphors - the three most employed of all the poetic elements.
1. Imagery, Similes, and
Rich Language, Rich Experience
©Valerie Kittell 2012
2. Imagery Jump-Start
•Think of a book / movie / TV show (the one you’re reading, a
favorite, etc.)
•Choose 3 characters.
•On paper, create metaphors, using a grid like the one
below, for each based on their personalities
•See example below as a model
Harry Ron Hermione
Color Purple Red Green
Plant Rose Cholla Fern
Animal Lion Hyena Owl
Season Winter Summer Fall
©Valerie Kittell 2012
3. Connect to Lesson
 Whatemotions come to mind when
you see these images:
I think of regality, hope,
Color Purple
bravery, sentimentality.
Plant Rose Does this describe Harry
Animal Lion Potter?
Season Winter
©Valerie Kittell 2012
4. Imagery--Definition
 Language that describes something in detail,
using words to substitute for and create
sensory stimulation–
A pattern of descriptions, repeated in a text
©Valerie Kittell 2012
5. Imagery-- Purpose
 To “place” the reader “there”
 To evoke emotions
But, we all bring our own background– do we
all feel the same emotions?
Some say, Yes. They are the emotions the
author intended us to feel.
Some say, No. We are all different.
©Valerie Kittell 2012
6. Imagery--Types
 Direct
“bare of leaves, outlined against the sky”
 Metaphor
“afork of black lightening, frozen into
permanence against the white clouds”
 Simile
“a posture like a question mark”
©Valerie Kittell 2012
7. Metaphors and Similes--
 Metaphor: a direct relationship where
one thing or idea substitutes for
 Simile: an implied relationship where
one thing or idea substitutes for
another (it is like something;
©Valerie Kittell 2012
8. Discovering Imagery
 Youand your partner select one of three
Harry Potter
Guts (Gary Paulsen)
 Get the excerpt and read
 Underline the imagery (look for words to do with
all 5 senses)
 Discuss with your partner– what emotions are
©Valerie Kittell 2012
9. Imagery-- Recap
 Tell your partner:
What is imagery?
What is its purpose?
What types of imagery are there?
 Make a list of imagery you encounter
in your reading, along with the sense
it’s evoking and the page number.
©Valerie Kittell 2012