Online Tutoring For Beginners: Resources to Get You Started

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The world of online tutoring, courses, and tutorials has exploded during the last few years. There is now a bewildering variety of tools, platforms, and options for individual tutors or tutoring businesses to choose from. In fact, when it comes to these tools, the tutors and the tutorial centers are spoilt for choice these days. And that’s where the difficulty arises.

It’s not easy to select the appropriate tools, which are needed to help your tutoring business perform better. So, to make the task easier for you, we have tried to compile all the resources to help make sense of it.
1. Online Tutoring For Beginners:
40 Resources to Get You Started
The world of online tutoring, courses, and tutorials has exploded during the last few
years. There is now a bewildering variety of tools, platforms and options for the
individual tutor or tutoring businesses to choose from. In fact, when it comes to these
tools, the tutors and the tutorial centers are spoilt for choice these days. And that’s
where the difficulty arises.
It’s not easy to select the appropriate tools, which are needed to help your tutoring
business perform better. So, to make the task easier for you, we have tried to compile
all the resources to help make sense of it.
2. Video Conferencing
Want to go for live, online tutoring?
Video-conferencing tools are what you require. These dissolve the boundaries and
make the world your classroom. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular
video conferencing tools for online tutoring.
1. Skype: It enables real time one-on-one tutoring over the Internet through video
calling. In addition, it offers a wide range of facilities, including:
 sharing study materials
 recording the video sessions
These features, along with a few others, help to make Skype indispensable for online
3. 2. Google Plus Hangout: From facilitating group projects, inviting remote guests to
speak, conducting group grading sessions to having class discussions online, you
can get it all in Google+ Hangout. Moreover, Google Plus Hangover also makes
group conversations “better than ever” before.
3. BigBlueButton: This tool creates a virtual classroom environment by enabling,
among others:
 multiple audio and video sharing
 presentations
 desktop sharing
Users can take part in the conference as either viewer or moderator.
4. Wiggio: Wiggio provides everything a teacher and a student require to work
collaboratively. Its easy-to-use interface makes the execution of projects, case
studies and similar other things a smooth affair.
4. An interactive display, a computer, and a projector can weave magic in the classroom
in the form of a whiteboard.
Let’s have a sneak peek at the tools that can help to make the use of Whiteboard an
amazing experience for both the teachers and the students.
5. Scribblar: Students can use Scribblar to collaborate on projects. On the other
hand, these can be used by the teachers to impart education over the computer.
They can also conduct collaborative meetings and projects with Scribblar.
6. IDroo: IDroo is an online educational multi-user whiteboard application, which
works perfectly in sync with Skype. From drawing your ideas to inserting simple
and complex mathematical equations, this tool helps to make all these processes
simpler and easy to perform.
7. Sketchlot: The basic idea behind Sketchlot is for students to create pieces of
work using their devices and sharing those with their teachers.
8. Real Time Board: Plan to go for collaborative education? Real Time Board is
exactly what you require. It eases a wide range of tasks, including:
 Image upload
 Drawing
 Text addition
 Posting notes
Cloud Storage
Cloud storage services allow you to store, update, and share your training resources
with students at any time, from your home or office. In fact, it is being dubbed as the
future of education. Quite a few tools help to make cloud-based education a smarter,
hassle-free task. Mentioned below are some of the most popular ones among them.
5. 9. Dropbox: Want to store and sync documents and files across computers, tablets,
and smart phones? Dropbox is surely the right choice for the students. It lets
them submit their assignments and share files with tutors by simply sending a
10. Google Drive: Google Drive is a useful tool for project-based learning where
students can collaborate in real-time. It enables the users to:
 store huge amount of data in the cloud
 hold chats
 finalize a project from different locations
11. Google Docs: Google Docs has made maintaining documents, spreadsheets, and
presentations on multiple platforms easier than ever before.
12. Evernote: This cloud storage tool lets you store your data and access them from
virtually anywhere. All you need for that is an internet connection. It also syncs
data across different devices.
6. Custom Test Creation
Creating tests for teachers has now been made easier with the test creating tools
that generate quizzes very quickly and in different forms.
13. Tao Testing: This is an open source e-testing platform that enables teachers to
create, deliver, and share innovative assessments online, in any language or
7. 14. EasyTestMaker: This enables teachers to create different types of questions for
conducting tests. Some of the question types that can be created with the
EasyTestMaker include:
 Multiple choice questions
 Fill in the blanks
 Matching two sides
 Short answer type questions
 True or false
All these types of questions can even be created for the same test. So, this can be a
handy tool for the teachers to add some variety to the questions they are setting.
15. ClassMarker: ClassMarker is a secure and easy-to-use web-based testing service
with customizable online test-maker for educational assessment. Tests and
quizzes are graded instantly.
16. Google Forms: With Google Forms, teachers can choose between multiple-
choice questions and other forms as well. Once they are done creating the test,
it can be downloaded and shared.
Tutor Business Management
Running a tutorial does not end with teaching. In fact, it’s just the beginning. A lot of
administrative jobs also need to be taken care of. Tutor Business Management
involves the tools that let teachers manage the administrative aspects of their
Some of these tools are discussed below.
8. 17. Tutorpanel: This is an ideal web-based solution for a multiple tutor platform
that helps in:
 scheduling
 billing
 accounting
From maintaining accurate up-to-date lesson records to compiling revenues,
expenses, and incomes, Tutorpanel can help you do everything.
18. Teachworks: Teachworks helps you perform a lot of things, such as:
 managing training calendars
 scheduling tutoring lessons
 automating bill and payment receipts
9. It can be a perfect companion for any tutor to help him manage the tutorial business.
19. TrainLion: If you are looking to impart tuition online, TrainLion is just what you
need. This is a wonderful platform that lets you:
 Create advanced virtual classrooms
 Manage classes without hassle
 Store documents on the cloud
TrainLion also helps you reach out to multiple users simultaneously, share
documents or images with them, use live video or audio as well as chat with the
students. You can even record your classes to create video lectures with them. It also
provides you with an advanced online whiteboard as the advanced freehand writing
20. LearnSpeed: This web-based education center and tutor management
system handles all the aspects of a modern tutoring business, including various
tasks related to the instructors, students, and clients. It also takes into account
the relevant transactions. The system is integrated with tutor scheduling
software, payment processing, QuickBooks, and more.
Online Tutoring Companies
Finding online tutors isn’t an easy task for any student. But there are several
companies that play a major role in making tasks easier for them. These companies
help in providing tutors as per the requirements of the students.
21. This is one of the foremost online tutoring companies in the
world with over 2,000 tutors across the globe.
10. 22. provides the best tutors with personalized one-on-one
tutoring sessions for different subjects according to student demand.
23. eTutorWorld: With eTutorWorld, teachers can interact with their students using
an online whiteboard, voice, and web chat. The site covers Grades 3 to 12. The
subjects covered by the company include Math, Science and English. Besides, it
also deals with AP and College Foundation courses.
24. TransTutors: At TransTutors, students from different schools and colleges can
get help with their homework, assignments, projects and essays, along with one-
on-one tutoring lessons from subject matter experts.
Online Training Platforms
Distributing and selling online courses and instructional videos on the web are in
vogue these days. There are several Online Training Platforms that have made the
task easier for the tutors.
25. WizIq: WizIq provides a platform for easy live Webinar sessions with slides,
desktop sharing, audio and video that can also be recorded for on-demand
access by learners.
26. Udemy: The Udemy platform gives tutors a simple, straightforward way to
assemble content in:
11.  PowerPoint slides
 PDF documents
 YouTube videos
They can then be published into the Udemy marketplace and promoted for better
27. Digital Chalk: Digital Chalk offers a variety of plans for tutors to help them get
their courses online. It also has production services to help accomplish the same.
28. SkyPrep: SkyPrep is a fuss-free platform for providing easy tools to get a course
online and deliver it globally.
Tools to Create Websites and Blogs
Want to set up a website?
You don’t even require a profound knowledge of HTML or CSS these days for it. A lot
of tools have made the process of website creation easy as pie.
Let’s discuss about some of them.
29. Weebly for education: This popular platform for creating websites is specifically
designed for teachers, educators, and students and has all the required features.
30. Google Sites: This is a structured wiki and webpage creation tool that helps in
creating a team-oriented site where multiple people can collaborate and share
31. WordPress: WordPress is one of the most user-friendly blog-creating platforms.
It’s easy-to-use content management system and the ability to create dynamic,
information-packed websites makes it stand out among the rest.
12. 32. Edublog: Edublog helps in easy creation and management of blogs by student
and teacher. It helps in customizing designs and including videos, photos, and
podcast as well.
33. Canva: Do whatever you want with the design. And create some amazing
presentations. Canva provides you with a wide range of templates, which can be
integrated in the design as well. And you can create a presentation perfectly with
Tools to Create Videos and Presentations
Incorporating videos and presentations as one of the delivery methods of education
has created quite a rage recently, with numerous tools aiding in the process.
34. YouTube: As a tutor, you can create your own YouTube channel to record and
upload videos on your subject of expertise. You can even create presentations,
save them in a video format, and upload those on YouTube.
Apart from giving an anytime-anywhere access to educational contents to students,
this is a great way of establishing your online brand as a tutor. This process can be
leveraged by training institutions as well.
35. Pixorial: With Pixorial, users can film their lectures, create exciting
presentations, or encourage students’ creativity by having them shoot, edit, and
share their own videos.
36. Powtoon: Want animated videos and presentations to make it easier for your
students to comprehend a lesson? Try out Powtoon. This tool helps in many
 to create captivating content
 animate the flipped classroom
 encourage reluctant students to be creative and expressive
13. Surely, an inspiring tool that can help to make the teaching process easier and more
37. Webinaria: Want to share desktop with students, along with a voice
commentary? Webinaria is the tool you need. With it, you can also save and edit
recordings the way you want.
Email Marketing Tools
For small businesses, email marketing still remains the most effective channel to
reach out to its customers.
Planning to embrace it for your tutoring business too?
Try out the following software to make the most out of your email marketing efforts.
14. 38. MailChimp: When you are speaking about email marketing, MailChimp is a
deserving candidate to top the list. It is a great tool for designing and sending
marketing emails to multiple connections with minimum hassle.
39. AWeber: AWeber provides its users with over 700 email templates to choose
from. So, with those, you can create professional email marketing newsletters
quickly and send them to your current and prospective clients.
40. Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft helps in mapping out each step of user’s marketing
strategy and follow-up as well.
These tools and platforms make the process of online education easier than ever
before. You can find some others as well that can help to make the process of
teaching and learning easier and more effective.
Aware of some more tools? Send information about them to us. We will be glad to
hear from you.
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