Profitable Education Business Ideas with Low Investment

What are Education Business Ideas?

Education is the key to growth and success. As the awareness of education is expanding day by day and with an increase in the income level of people, it is one of the fields that will never witness a recession. There are many business opportunities pertaining to the Education Business and initiating any of these can help you receive good profits. Many of us have a misconception that businesses related to education would be very capital intensive. In this article, we will discuss some of the best business ideas which can fit best for you as an individual to invest with low investment.

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Business Ideas

Here are some of the Education Business Ideas that you can choose accordingly:

Opening a play school

Opening a playschool is another profitable business idea. A playschool is a place where around 10-20 children spend 1-2 hours each day having some fun activities under the supervision of a couple of teachers. It requires moderate to little high investment. You can take a franchise of any famous playschool at your convenience or obtain a license from the government for opening a playschool. With some hard work and dedication, you can soon achieve success in this line. Playschool is one of the best school-related businesses to start with low investment.

Start taking online classes

If you have good knowledge of subjects you can go for tutoring by giving online sessions. This business can be initiated from home also without any investment you’ll just need a device with good internet connection. You will easily find learners who are desperate to work on their subjects. The success of this business depends upon your expertise and marketing skills.

Manufacturing of notebook and study material

Notebook, Paper sheets like stuff are extensively used in schools, offices, and departments. You can start with a business in education-related products manufacturing. The procurement of good quality raw material plays a key role in this manufacturing business. The investment required for this is moderate and you need to conduct market research at your locality before initiating this business. If you find that there is a great demand at your place for this stuff then you should go for installing the workplace. This is one of the top education business ideas with low investment.

YouTuber as an Education instructor

If you are very good at explaining things and possess expertise in a certain subject, you can become a YouTube star by starting your own education channel. As a mentor, you’ll need to make videos and help children understand the topics related to their subject. It’s very economical as you will just need a good camera and a mic for making videos, and a good internet connection for uploading them. If you have good teaching skills then you’ll be able to make a good sum of money from this. To gain popularity you can also apply for a channel partner program for showing advertisements on your videos.

Career counselor

Many of the students face the problem of the selection of streams and subjects that fit them. If you possess extreme knowledge about the various career options available to a student, you can start mentoring as a career counselor. Career counselors charge fixed money for guiding students and other career-related enthusiasts. This business can be started without any investment and you can gain profit easily.

E-book writing

If you are a writing enthusiast and have innovative ideas in the education field, this profile is going to be the best fit for you. If you have expertise writing real-world educational issues like how to promote ed-technologies, how to engage students in learning, you can write on these topics making your own e-book writing business from home. As an author, you can write in an e-book of your own or can do this job for others. This will not require any investment at all and give you good returns.

Teacher Training Institute

There is a vast demand for highly professional and proficient teachers in today's time. Some teachers somewhat lag behind in using new technologies and interesting methods. You can open a training institute where you can impart good teaching skills and new technology to the instructors making their tutoring more efficient. The profit margin in this business is very good. However, you might need to invest some capital in this business.

Enroll yourself as an online tutor

You can enroll yourself as an online tutor with an existing online tutoring company or institution. You can choose subjects according to your expertise and manage your sessions depending on students' availability. There is nothing to invest in this job you just have to pass the eligibility criteria of the institutions and they’ll pay you back for your sessions.

Online E-Library

Online E-Library is an electronic or online library where one can have access to books, journals, novels, articles, or any other information over the internet

This idea is very economical as you just need to convert all physical books into electronic format. You have to give library membership as a paid subscription to the interested readers. You can even categorize the library with different sections and different subscription amounts for them. It is one of the best growing business options having great potential.

Starting a business with low investment in the Education sector nowadays is proving to be highly lucrative. There are different business ideas that can be profitable with low capital investment as we discussed in this section so you can choose accordingly.

Contributed by:
Chester Ammons