Nouns: Collective Nouns

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This presentation will teach about single words that describe whole groups of any common noun. A collective noun is a word referring to a collection of things taken as a whole. Most collective nouns in everyday speech are not specific to one kind of thing.
1. Collective Nouns

2. What is a Collective Noun?
A collective noun is used to describe a group.
There are lots of different collective nouns used to describe specific
Today, we will look at some collective nouns for different people, places
and things.
Listen carefully- there is a quiz at the end!
3. a herd of elephants

4. a pride of lions

5. a team of horses

6. a litter of puppies

7. a flock of birds

8. a bed of snakes
9. a flock of sheep

10. a pack of wolves

13. a flight of butterflies

14. a shoal of fish

15. a school of dolphins

16. a pod of whales

17. a crew of sailors

18. an army of soldiers

19. a team of basketball players

20. a bunch of flowers

21. a fleet of ships

22. a deck of cards

23. a network of computers

24. a suite of furniture

25. Can you name the group of people, places or things which belongs after
the collective noun?
A pod of whales
A swarm of bees
A pride of lions
A herd of elephants
26. What are the collective nouns used to describe these groups of people,
places or things?
A group of soldiers are called an army.
A group of sailors are called a crew.
A group of puppies are called « litter.
A group of geese are called a gaggle.