Analogies: Means of Relating Events or Things

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This lesson will give students an idea to relate to similar or like-minded situations.
1. #4 - draw conclusions
& make inferences
about ideas and
information based on
3. Thinking out of

4. To solve an analogy
you must think
“outside of the
You have to think
in a different way.
5. Analogy questions
La movan=1 a
described as
is to
is to

6. a MEE Sra sd py a li etl
analogy question
would look:
puppy : dog:: kitten:

it would be read as
“puppy is to dog as
kitten is to ?”
7. The answer
Is, of course,
8. yw LS Pld Se GQHaiwyy 7
you might think of the
relationship between puppy
& dog.
A puppy isa young They are the same,
dog. yet different.

9. to complete the
analogy _
Kitten is a

10. This analogy
showed a
between two
11. Other examples
of analogies
12. Parts to a whole
In this type of
analogy, a pair of
words consists of a
part and a whole.
13. spoke : wheel
(part to the whole)
A spoke is part ofa

14. Type and
These analogies use
pairs of words in
which one word is
a specific type ina
general category.
15. orange : citrus
An orange isa_ of citrus fruit.

16. degree of
Teese as
These analogies test
your ability to find
small variations in
the meanings among
a pair of words.
17. shower : monsoon
A shower & are both rains, but
wil D a monsoon is
et much stronger.

9 ag

18. These questions
pair words that
Va a= there,
through function.
19. hammer : build
A hammer is used to build

20. This type of
analogy describes
iaaY= mit Talal) am ia
which an action is
21. shamble : walk
Shamble means to in an awkward

22. symbol or
These analogies
pair words in
which one word is
the symbol of the
23. dove : peace
A dove isa of peace.

24. action &
In this type of analogy,
one word describes an
action and the other
word indicates the
Significance of the
25. cry : sorrow
To cry sorrow.

26. Let’s try a
27. Sherpa : Tibet ::
Me hott: |
a. Bicycle
b. Kenya
c. desert
d. Mountain
28. answer Is c. Kenya
Even if you do not
know the exact
meaning of the words
in the question you
might be able to guess
the correct answer.
29. Even if you were unable to describe the
relationship between the words
because they are unfamiliar to you, you
could probably see that Kenya is the
only country offered as a choice. Seeing
that Tibet, another country is the 2"
half of the first pair, you can figure that
a country is necessary to complete the
Sherpa are people of Massai are people of
aa it


Let’s try anot
31. iron: Fe::
silver :
a. Na
b. Cl

32. answer is c. Ag
Sometimes factual knowledge is
necessary to answer an
analogy question. Even if you
eMail te lem ARS Oi AT)
chemical symbols, as in this
question, you can find them in
the dictionary by looking under
the heading “elements”.
33. Don’t give up -
let’s try another
34. About : bout::
" mend
a. Amend
b. Near
c. Tear
(Pee Sn s4
35. answer is a.
In this case, the answer is
amend because that is the
word formed by adding “a” in
front of mend. You will also
find anagrams (words that
use the same letters, but in a
different arrangement) in
analogy questions.

Try another??
37. Tardy : 4
Liberal : generous
What are you looking for in this
38. Liberal and generous are
synonyms. To complete the
analogy you would look for
a synonym for tardy.
Antonyms are often used in
analogies, as well.
39. One more??

40. Warm : hot::
- hilarious
41. answer is d.
To answer this one you need
to figure out the
relationship. This is an
analogy of degrees. Warm is
less intense than hot,
therefore, what answer
choice is something less
intense than hilarious?
42. Some test takers will
impulsively pick “a”
(humid) because humid is
related to the 1st word
pair (warm & hot), but it
is not part of the analogy
of degrees.
43. Other test takers will
choose “b” (raucous)
because they think that
the word pair, warm :
hot, is a synonym pair.
44. Choosing “c” summer is a
slightly different case. This is
another way to show how the
test taker might be
distracted by a wrong answer
choice. “c” might be selected
because warm : hot reminds
idol - Mat] ant) lem)
45. Remember to look at
both pair of words and
figure out the correct
46. For our practices you will
always have the opportunity
to use a dictionary to look
up any words unfamiliar to
you to help you to figure out
the meaning or relationship
between the words.
47. Good Luck on