Facts and Opinions - Why Do They Matter?

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Explaining the importance of telling facts and opinions apart. A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false. An opinion is an expression of a person's feelings that cannot be proven.
1. Facts & Opinions
Why do they matter?
2. Something Opinion Words
YOU think, om le
believe or aw
e borin
eeas g
feel. y difficult
fun ugly
It can NOT be ul
gre a ti n g
proven! t exc i
3. Fact - How can you
Something PROVE it?
that can be * numbers *
PROVEN. senses
* locations *dates
& times
* research *
4. Let’s Practice!
5. The Grand Canyon is the most gorgeous
location in the United States. _____
The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona.
The Grand Canyon is over 6,093 feet deep.
6. Mary Castle Elementary school has seven
hundred three students. _____
Mary Castle Elementary School has an
awesome team of teachers. _____
Mary Castle Elementary School was named after
a former Lawrence Township educator. _____
7. Your Turn!
Create your own facts & opinions
8. Opinion - Indianapolis is an ____________
place to live.
Fact - In Indianapolis you can visit the
Fact - Indianapolis has the largest
____________ in the Midwest.
9. Opinion - Vanilla cake is the ___________ cake
flavor to make.
Fact - When you make a vanilla cake, the color
is _______________.
Fact - To make a vanilla cake you need _____
eggs, _____ cup of water and ____ cup of oil.