Facts and Opinions - Primary and Secondary Sources

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Learning about the various forms of multimedia we observe in everyday life and the type of information (be it objective or subjective) they feed to the public.
1. Primary & Secondary
Notes Presentation
2. &
4. What are primary sources?
❖Primary sources are original records from the
past and were recorded by people who:
• Were involved in the event
• Witnessed the event
• Personally knew the people involved (not knew of)
5. What are primary sources?
❖Primary sources can also be objects (artifacts)
or visual evidence.
❖Primary sources give people today an idea
about what people in the past saw or thought
about an event.
6. Remember!
A primary source reflects only ONE
point of view and may contain their
bias toward the given event.
7. Examples of Primary Sources
Printed Publications
Books Magazines
8. Examples of Primary Sources
Personal Records
Diaries Letters
9. Examples of Primary Sources
Visual Materials
Sculpture Drawings
10. Examples of Primary Sources
Oral Histories
Stories/Fables Myths
11. Examples of Primary Sources
Oral Histories
Songs Poems
13. What are secondary sources?
❖ Secondary sources are accounts of past
events created after the event has occurred.
14. ❖ A secondary source can be both useful and
reliable, but they cannot reflect the thoughts
and feelings of the people who experienced
the event.
• Secondary sources can represent a much
more impartial account of the event because
they can include more than one point of view
or may include more information that was
otherwise unavailable at the time the actual
event occurred.
15. Examples of Secondary Sources
Textbooks Articles written by Biographies
people who were not
actually at the event.
16. Examples of Secondary Sources
The following are only considered SECONDARY if they were
created by uninvolved parties after the event occurred.
Images Charts
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