The Three Orders: Three Social Categories Including Christian Priests, Landowning Nobles, and Peasant

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the three social categories i.e, Christian Priests, Landowning Nobles, and Peasant. Relationship among these three orders, etc.

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Monks who moved from one place to another, preaching to the people and living on charity. These monks were known as ______

Manor Friars Tithe Serfs

Who was William I?

Duke of Normandy Duke of Exeter Duke of Somerset Duke of Darlington

What were Cathedral towns?

Towns developed around plains Towns developed around Churches Towns developed around industries Towns developed around Capital

The land granted by the lord to the knights was called:

Fief Feud Seigneur Manor

The first king who was declared the ‘Holy Roman Emperor’ was?


Louis I

Louis II

Louis III

One of the gradual changes that affected the social and economic ties between the lords and the vassals was:

Agricultural technology


Land use

New towns

Construction of Cathedral town attributed to:

Higher yield in agricultural production

Promotion of trade and industry

Business promotion drive under the shade of religion

The contribution and subscription by craftsmen, artisans, merchants and common people.

Monasteries were established?

In the middle of towns

Away from town and in forest

Far away from human inhabitation

In vicinity of Churches.

Free peasants were:


Tenants of the Lord.

Payer of labour-rent in Begar

Denied of political rights.

Change in land use pattern was seen with form of:

Two field system

Three field system.

Jhoom system

Transhumance system.

New agricultural technology was consisting of:

Reclamation of land

Use of heavy iron tipped ploughs

Shoulder harness of bullock

All of them.

We see the rise of absolute monarchy in Europe in the:

15th & 16th centuries

13th & 14th centuries

12th & 13th centuries

16th & 17th centuries

There was a growing uncertainty about the value and purpose of monasticism by the?

Thirteenth century

Fourteenth century

Fifteenth century


A guild was an association of?



Craft and industry


Fertile land was known as________.





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