Displacing Indigenous People: Pushing Native People Into Other Areas

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the methods adopted by the Europeans to displace the natives, how they are forced to move out from their places, etc.

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Which law gave natives in reservations the right to buy land and take loans?

Indian Reorganisation Act of 1932 CE Indian Reorganisation Act of 1934 CE Indian Reorganisation Act of 1936 CE Indian Reorganisation Act of 1938 CE

Revolution in America came different way than that of England.

Estates were established here People organised in grids and sold the artefact Infrastructural development and manufacture of agricultural tools They snatched lands from natives and expelled them.

The French Canadian rebellion occurred in the year:

1837 1838 1839 1840

The Native American tribe, which was forcibly evicted by US President Andrew Jackson, was ____________

Hopis Cherokees Metis Ottawas

The _______ began to arrive on the continent of Australia over forty thousand years ago.

Aztecs Cherokees Aborigines Ottawas

The year in which Amerigo de Vespucci’s Travels was published was?





In Canada, the Metis revolted against the colonization of their land between:

1869 and 1885

1870 and 1885

1871 and 1885

1872 and 1885

Karl Marx described the American frontier as the last positive capitalist utopia in his book?


Das Kapital

The Communist Manifesto

The German Ideology

Britain recognized the USA as an independent country in:





Gold mish ended with?

Several wars between natives and Europeans

Construction of railway lines, recruitment of Chinese workers

Several problems to nature people.

Mere mirage of finding gold mines in California.

Natives were puzzled by the fact that the European traders sometimes gave them a lot of things in exchange for their goods, sometimes very little because?

They thought they are cheated

They had no sense of market and fluctuation in demand and supply

Europeans were clever people

Prices were fluctuating every year.

A number of native people became citizen of USA but on condition that:

They shall be given citizenship right

They shall be treated at par with Europeans

Their traditions shall not be interfered with and reservation shall be sustained

They shall be provided with administrative jobs.

Population of native people in America met to sharp decrease because?

They were deported to reservations

They were not given rights of citizen

They were made slaves

They had to suffer inclement weather in so-called reservations and the atrocities exercised upon them by Europeans.

The natives of North America accepted citizenship of the USA by the _______ in 1954 C.E.

Declaration of Indian Rights

Declaration of British Rights

Declaration of United States Rights

Declaration of America Rights

Europeans wanted to cut down native forests and replace them with?

Sugarcane fields

Rice fields



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