Political Theory: An Introduction

This set of MCQs helps students to learn about various important things and examine what is meant by politics and political theory and why we should study it.

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The theory is derived from the word ‘Theoria’ which is taken from:

Greek word English word Roman word Latin word

A man by nature is a social and political animal is the cornerstone of the philosophy of:

Plato Socrates Aristotle Montesquieu

Politics has been divided into two separate parts theoretical politics and applied politics by:

Aristotle Machiavelli Polloch Catlin

Scope of Political Theory is:

Study of power To determine the political principles Study of state and government All of the above

Identify the thinker associated with the Modern Approach.

David Easton Plato Aristotle Socrates

Which of the following is not the characteristic of Theory.

Conceptualisation Generalisation Value judgement Hypothesis

Who among the following is not Political Theorist.

Marx Rousseau M.K. Gandhi Napolian

Who among the following is not a Political thinker.

Plato Rousseau Adam Smith M.K. Gandhi

Identify the leader who advocated the cause of the scheduled castes.

Machiavelli B.R. Ambedkar Karl Marx Aristotle

The term ‘Politics’ is derived from:

Latin word ‘Polis’ Greek word ‘Polis’ English word ‘Political’ Greek word ‘City-State’

Mark the correct statement related to the Traditional View of politics.

Politics is the study of state and the government Study of analysis of the whole of the political system Class struggle between haves and haves not Relationship between an environment and the system

Human beings are unique because, they

Possess power of reasoning and reflection

Are social beings and depend on society

Participate in politics

Never fight with one another

A political party must have,

Party headquarters

An Ideology

Power seeking politicians

A strong vote bank

The theory is derived from the word “Theoria’ which is taken from:

Greek word

English word

Roman word

Latin word

The concept of “separation of powers” is given by,





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