Constitution as a Living Document

This set of MCQs helps students to learn about various important things such as ,the Indian Constitution can be amended according to the needs of the time, though many such amendments have already taken place, the Constitution has remained intact and its basic premises have not changed, the judiciary has played an important role in protecting the Constitution and also in interpreting the Constitution, the Constitution is a document that keeps evolving and responding to changing situation.

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In the law-making process in India, the bill is put to vote in both Houses of the Parliament after the __________

Third reading Second reading First reading Committee stage

Amendment in our constitution can be effected:

By the President By the Prime Minister Through a referendum According to the provisions laid down in the constitution

Which amendment was passed during the emergency?

41st Amendment 42nd Amendment 43rd Amendment 44th Amendment

Which factors are responsible for the growth of the Indian Constitution?

Amendments Laws Judicial Decisions All of the above

Which of the following, the fundamental rights of the Indian Constitution has been reinterpreted recently?

Right against communalism Right to titles Right against exploitation Right to Life

Indian constitution is a:

Living Document Non-Living Document Limited Document None of these

When was the Indian Constitution was adopted and enacted?

26th January 1947 26th November 1948 26th January 1950 26th November 1949

A preliminary version of a legal document is called,





Indian constitution is a,

Living Document

Non Living Document

Limited Document

None of these.

The amendment of the constitution can be initiated in,

President’s office

Rajya Sabha

Lok Sabha

Any Houses of the Parliament

Political equality means every citizen should be given,

Political education

A chance to work in the government turn by turn

Right to vote and contest the election

Membership of a political party

Constitution of India was completed in,





The Indian constitution guaranteed the civil liberties that curtail the misuse of power by the.

Non Governmental Organisations

Parents and teachers

State and its agents

Intergovernmental Organisations

Amendment process of the constitution is given in,

Art 370

Art 368

Art 380

Art 350

Indian Constitution is,

Written and flexible

Written and rigid

Unwritten and flexible

Written, flexible and rigid

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