Natural Vegetation: Plant Community That Has Been Left Undisturbed Over a Long Time

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the natural species that have been left undisturbed for a long period of time such as places where these are mostly found, what natural factors affect their growth, etc.

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Khar, Neem, Khejri, Palas are:

Tropical Thorn forests Tropical forests Evergreen forests Mangroves

Which of the following was the purpose of Project Tiger?

To kill tigers To protect tigers from illegal hunting To put tigers in the zoo To make films on tiger

Which state is known for ‘khejri’ tree?

Karnataka Himachal Haryana Rajasthan

How much part of the total geographical area of India is under forests?

20 percent 21 percent 22 percent 23 percent

State the annual rainfall required for deciduous monsoon forests.

100 – 200 cm 100 – 150 cm 150 – 200 cm 200 – 250 cm

Bamboos are grown most commonly at:

Great height from sea level

Medium height from sea level

A very low height from sea level

At any condition

Plants remain leafless for most of the year in:

Moist deciduous forest

Littoral and swamp forest

Montane forest

Tropical thorn forest

Monsoon or Tropical Deciduous forests are found in areas with rainfall between:

50 and 100 cm

70 and 200 cm

100 and 200 cm

200 and 250 cm

What type of forests are found in western slope of the Western Ghats, Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Montane Forests

Tropical Thorn Forest

Littoral and Swamp Forests

Tropical Evergreen Forest

In tropical evergreen forests, trees reach the heights up to:

60 metres

50 metres

10 metres

20 metres

Rosewood, Mahagony, Ebony are found in:

Tropical Thorn Forest

Tropical Evergreen Forest

Littoral and Swamp Forest

Deciduous Forests

The main species of the moist deciduous forests are:




All Of them

Farm forestry refers to the:

Raising and management of trees on public property

Raising of trees and agriculture crops on the same land

Promotion of agro-forestry

Farmers who grow trees for commercial and non-commercial purposes

The world’s richest region from marine biodiversity is:

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve


Gulf of Myanmar

Gulf of Mannar biosphere Reserve

The Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve is situated in:

Himachal Pradesh


West Bengal


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