Distribution of Oceans and Continents: Position of Landmasses and Ocean Basins

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the distribution of oceans and continents, different factors indulged in the changes in the locations of oceans, landmasses, etc.

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What was the name given by Alfred Wegener to a large continent surrounded?

Pangaea Panthalassa Angaraland Gondwanaland

Which one of the following is the type of plate boundary of the Indian plate along the Himalayan Mountains?

Ocean- Continents convergence Divergent boundary Transform boundary Continent convergence

The ocean floor may be segmented into how much division based on the depth as well as the forms of relief?

Three Four Five Seven

By which method has facilitated correlating the rock formation from different continents across oceans?

The radiometric dating methods Carbon 14 method Radioactive methods Fling method

The super-continent from which all landmasses of the world have formed is

Volcanoes Pangaea Continents Oceans

Periodical change in the position of magnetic pole is

Polar wandering Subduction Geological process none of them

The process in which one plate over-rides the other and the over-riden plate slips down into the mantle and is absorbed is called

Subduction Abduction Polar wandering Geological process

The southern continent broken from pangaea is

Laurasia Gondwanaland Pacific ocean none of them

The continental drift theory was propounded by

Alfred Wegner Aortelius Hall and Danna Abraham Ortelius

The Indian subcontinent was located at

60 degree South latitude 30 degree South latitude 50 degree South latitude 40 degree South latitude

Which one of the following is not a minor plate?

Nazca Arabia the Philippines Antarctica

When did Alfred Wegener give continental drift theory?

1920 1946 1912 1948

Which one of the following terms is related to Polar fleeing force?

Revolution of the Earth Gravitation Rotation of the Earth Tides

Tillite is formed due to

Deposits on mountains

Deposits of volcanoes

Deposits of glaciers

Deposits of gold

The volcanic centres are called



Crustal plates

None of them

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