Climate: Condition of Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure for a Longer Period of Time

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the climate, monsoon, elements of climate, types of winds responsible for monsoon, etc.

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Where do you experience a dry winter?

The Ganga plain North-eastern India Kashmir Coromandal coast

What type of winds are monsoons?

Seasonal Winds Western Winds Northern Winds None of the above

Which type of climate is found on Coromandel coast?

Amw Bwhw CWG As

Name the rainiest place in India.

Dras Ladakh Mawsynram None of the above

Which one of the following states suffers from loo?

Tamil Nadu Assam Gujarat None of the above

Which place in India receives the lowest rainfall?

Leh Jaisalmer Bikaner Jodhpur

Dry winter is experienced in the______

Ganga plain

The Eastern Ghats

The Western Ghats

Deccan Plateau

Deccan plateau comes under the area of_________

Inadequate rainfall

High rainfall

Medium rainfall

Low rainfall

According to Koppen’s scheme of climatic regions, the monsoon with a short dry season is represented by____





The dreaded evening thunderstorms in West Bengal are locally known as:




Mango Shower

The local name of thunderstorm in West Bengal is:





The Indian climate is?

Monsoonal type

Sub-monsoonal type

None of them

Both of them

The cold weather season begins from__________

March to May

October to January

December to February

November to January

The retreating monsoon season starts from_________

October and November

June to September

March to May

December to February

Mainland of India lies roughly between___________-

8°N and 37°N latitude

8°N and 37°6’N latitudes

8°N and 38°N latitudes

8°N and 39°N latitudes

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