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In this quiz, you will find questions related to the location of India, area of India, time zone of India, etc.

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The total area of India is:

3.75 million sq. km 3.90 million sq. km 3.00 million sq. km 3.28 million sq. km

Choose the State in India through which the Standard Meridian of India, as well as the Tropic of Cancer, pass covering the longest distance.

Odisha Madhya Pradesh Bihar Uttar Pradesh

India lies:

Mainly in the northern hemisphere Entirely in the northern hemisphere On the equator More in the southern hemisphere

Which countries of the world have common-frontiers with India?

Pakistan England Canada Australia

The distance measured from east to west is:

3,214 km. 2,933 km. 4,000 km. 3,933 km.

Which ocean route links, India with Europe?

Corinth Canal Grand Canal Panama Canal Suez Canal

Which is the smallest Union Territory in India?

Daman and Diu Lakshadweep Delhi Puducherry

The number of time zones in the USA is______





The northern part of India lies in which of the following zones?

Temperate region

Warm Temperate region

Humid region

Cold region

India is the________

5th largest country

2nd largest country

10th largest country

7th largest country of the world

Which one is the closest neighbour of India in the South_______




Sri Lanka

Kanyakumari is_________

Near the equator

Away from the equator

Near the pole

Away from the pole

The northern part of India lies in the_____

Tropical zone

Temperate zone

Sub-tropical zone

Equatorial zone

The southernmost point of India is in?

Tamil Nadu



Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Purvanchal hills are situated in the_______


South- East



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