Structure and Physiography: Outcome of Structure, Process and the Stage of Development

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the great diversity of India, its rugged topography, mountain ranges, valleys, and deep gorges.

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When was the peninsular plateau of India formed?

Ordovician Period Pre-Cambrian Period Post-Permian Period Devonian Period

Which is the ancient crustal Block in India?

Himalayan mountains Deccan Plateau Valleys Islands

The Peninsular Plateau of India extends up to:

Mizo hills Himachal Himalayas Assam valley Meghalaya hills

Which of the mountain system is the oldest according to geological history?

Nilgiris Satpuras Vindhyas Aravalli

From which river the name of India has been derived?

Brahmaputra Ganga Sindhu Kaveri

Name the lake deposits found in Kashmir Valley.

Karewas Lake Satsar Lake Vishansar Lake Nigeen Lake

The northernmost part of the Himachal is an extension of the_______

Kashmir valley

Ladakh cold desert


Punjab plains

The science of the earth’s crust is_______





The lithological study of rock beds, sequence of their occurrence and their thickness and age is________





The highest and youngest mountain system of the world is_______

The plateau

The Himalayas

Coastal plain


The highest mountain peak of the world is__________

Mount Everest



All of them

Name the sea which existed in place of the Himalayas?

The Caspian Sea

The Aegean Sea

Tethys sea

The Ionian Sea

The most important geographical advantage of the Himalayas is__________

Prevention of invasions

Valuable source of timber

That they protect India from icy cold winds of the north

That they cause rains by interrupting the monsoon winds to cross the country

The general relief is the oldest in the__________

Himalayan mountain system

Indus-Ganga plain

North-eastern hills

Peninsular plateau

The Nilgiris are part of the_________

The Eastern Ghats

The Western Ghats


Tamil Nadu Hills

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