Identification Of World Poetry After 1925

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the Identification Of World Poetry After 1925.

This includes poems like The Arrivants, Middle Passages, The Fifth Figure, Sea Grapes, Third World Girl and Born to Slow Horses

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Peruvian poet César Vallejo wrote which of the following works?

The Aleph Ficciones Los Heraldos Negros The Book of Imaginary Beings The Library of Babel

Which Latin American poet wrote odes to age, ironing, socks, tomatoes, and birdwatching?

Octavio Paz Jorge Luis Borges Mario Vargas Llosa Pablo Neruda César Vallejo

Which of the following works is by Russian poet Osip Mandelstam?

Verses on the Unknown Soldier Pale Fire Notes from the Underground “The Lady with the Dog” “The Overcoat”

Which Caribbean poet wrote the seminal book-length poem Notebook of a Return to the Native Land?

Aimé Césaire Ama Ata Aidoo René Depestre Kamau Brathwaite Stanley French

Which major Caribbean poet wrote The Arrivants, Middle Passages, and Born to Slow Horses?

Stanley French Aimé Césaire Kamau Brathwaite Jean “Binta” Breeze Ama Ata Aidoo

Which Nobel Prize-winning Eastern European poet wrote The World, City Without a Name, and The Unencompassed Earth?

Czesław Miłosz Jan Polkowski Joseph Brodsky Wisława Szymborska Grigori Dashevsky

Which Nobel Prize-winning Eastern European poet wrote Elegy for John Donne and Other Poems, On Grief and Reason, and To Urania?

Wisława Szymborska Joseph Brodsky Jan Polkowski Czesław Miłosz Grigori Dashevsky

The Jamaican poet Jean “Binta” Breeze wrote all of the following except which collection of poetry?

The Fifth Figure Sea Grapes Third World Girl The Arrival of Brighteye and Other Poems Riddym Ravings and Other Poems

Which Nobel Prize-winning Caribbean poet wrote Omeros, a contemporary Caribbean epic poem that loosely reimagines Homer’s Iliad?

Stanley French Aimé Césaire Derek Walcott Ama Ata Aidoo Kamau Brathwaite

What is contemporary Japanese poetry called?






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