Identification Of World Plays Before 1925

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the Identification Of World Plays Before 1925.

This includes works like The Prince of Parthia, Androboros, Andre, The Adulateur, The Defeat, and The Group.

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Which eighteenth-century German poet and playwright was responsible for dramas such as Wilhelm Tell, The Maid of Orleans, The Robbers, and the Wallenstein trilogy?

Friedrich Schiller Rainer Maria Rilke Bertolt Brecht Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Henrik Ibsen

Which famous nineteenth-century Scandinavian playwright wrote A Doll’s House, The Wild Duck, Peer Gynt, and An Enemy of the People?

Tomas Tranströmer Henrik Ibsen Friedrich Schiller Knut Hamsun Halldór Laxness

Several nineteenth-century European plays were based on which famous novel-in-verse of the same name by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin?

A Doll’s House Crime and Punishment Anna Karenina Eugene Onegin The Seagull

The play Antigone, which concerns a Theban legend of civil war and an unsanctified dead body, was written by which of the following Greek dramatists?

Aristophanes Homer Euripides Aeschylus Sophocles

In this ancient Greek play, a man abandoned as a child fulfills a prophecy by becoming the king of Thebes, murdering his father Laius and marrying his mother Jocasta in the process. Which play is it?

The Oresteia The Frogs Oedipus Rex Lysistrata Julius Caesar

Which tragedy by the Greek playwright Euripides features the story of Jason’s wife, a woman who is abandoned for a Corinthian princess and subsequently seeks a bloody revenge?

The Bacchae Agamemnon Orestes Achilles the Great Medea

This Athenian playwright is known for comedies such as The Frogs, The Clouds, and Peace. Who is it?

Aeschylus Sophocles Sappho Aristophanes Euripides

Which of the following Greek comedies concerns a group of women who try to end the Peloponnesian War by withholding sex from their husbands and lovers?

The Clouds Iphigenia Lysistrata The Frogs Chiron

This trilogy of Greek tragedies was written by Aeschylus and follows the story of the doomed House of Atreus. What is it?

The Bacchae Antigone The Oresteia Iphigenia Oedipus the King

Which classic Greek play genre used pranks, burlesque elements and choruses of inebriated goat-like males (often equipped with phallic props) to portray material from Greek mythology or epic poetry?

Satyr play





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