Fermentation and Glycolysis

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the topic of Fermentation and Glycolysis.

Fermentation begins with glycolysis which breaks down glucose into two pyruvate molecules and produces two ATP (net) and two NADH. Fermentation allows glucose to be continuously broken down to make ATP due to the recycling of NADH to NAD+.

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Which of the following products is not formed during fermentation in humans?

Pyruvate All of these are products of fermentation Lactic acid NAD+

What is the primary purpose of fermentation in cells?

To create ethanol To restore NAD+ To create ATP in the absence of oxygen To restore glucose

What is the purpose of lactic acid and ethanol in the fermentation process?

They are electron acceptors to continue the cycle They are electron donors to continue the cycle They store energy from glucose They are intermediates between the krebs cycle and the electron transport chain They catalyze the formation of water from hydrogen and oxygen

In anaerobic conditions, pyruvate will undergo fermentation. Which of the following molecules are end products of fermentation? I. Ethanol II. Butanol III. Aspartic acid IV. Lactic acid

I only IV only I and IV II and III I and III

Where does glycolysis occur in the cell?

Intermembrane space Inner mitochondrial membrane Cytosol Mitochondrial matrix

Which of the following products is not created during glycolysis?


For each molecule of glucose that enters glycolysis __________ molecules of __________ are produced.

two . . . alanine one . . . pyruvate two . . . lactate two . . . pyruvate two . . . acetyl-CoA

What molecule joins with acetyl CoA in order to produce citrate?

Succinate Oxaloacetate Pyruvate Ketoglutarate

__________ is the loss of electrons caused by __________ agents.

Oxidation . . . oxidizing Reduction . . . oxidizing Oxidation . . . reducing None of these Reduction . . . reducing

Which molecule reacts with oxaloacetate (four-carbons) to form citrate (six-carbons) in the beginning of the citric acid cycle?

Malate Acetyl CoA Alpha-ketoglutarate Fumarate Succinate
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