GRE Biology: Plant Structures

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on the topic of Plant Structures.

This includes root system, stem or trunk, branches, leaves, and reproductive structures

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Which of the following is a key component of a plant"s vascular system?

Xylem Cuticle Pericycle Parenchyma

What structure in plants allows for CO2 and O2 exchange and transpiration?

Chlorophyll Plastid Xylem Apical bud Stoma

Of the following answer choices, which most accurately describes the mechanism that the stems of plants use to grow toward light?

Photosynthetic processes dictate the growth The plant will grow away from other plants so as to minimize competition Cells on the darker side of the stem elongate more than cells on the lighter side The growth of the stem is determined by metabolic processes, which are stimulated by light striking the stems Contractile cells on the light side of the stems dictate the growth toward light

Plant root systems can be generally categorized as either taproot systems or fibrous root systems. Which of the following is a characteristic of a fibrous root system?

Fibrous root systems consist of a series of roots that spread out from a major single root Fibrous root systems do not penetrate deeply into the soil Fibrous root systems usually penetrate deeply into the soil Fibrous root systems are well adapted to soil where ground water is not close to the surface

Which of the following is a type of stem?

Stele Lateral roots Pith Rhizomes

Which plant tissue system is similar to the human circulatory system?

Vascular tissue Dermal tissue Sclerenchyma Ground tissue Vascular cambium

What is the function of lateral meristems?

Maintain water homeostasis Stimulate root hair growth Provide secondary growth in woody plants Provide nutrients to apical meristems

What is the tissue found in many vascular plants which forms as part of the periderm and generates secondary growth in roots and stems?

Phelloderm Cork cambium Cortex Phloem Vascular cambium

What is the main structural component of a plant cell wall?

Cellulose Peptidoglycan Actin and myosin Collagen Chitin

Plant cells  differentiate to perform different functions and enable the plant to grow. One cell type is present in young stems and petioles and functions to provide flexible support. This cell type is less resistant to bending forces because it lacks a secondary cell wall and the protein lignin, which causes rigidity in other plant cells. 

What differentiated plant cell is being described?

Sieve plate cells

Sclerenchyma cells

Parenchyma cells

Collenchyma cells

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