Circulatory System

This is an MCQ-based quiz for GRE on Circulatory System.

This includes the heart (cardiovascular), lungs (pulmonary), arteries, veins, coronary and portal vessels (systemic).

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Which valve separates the left atrium from the left ventricle?

Tricuspid valve Mitral valve Aortic valve Pulmonary valve

Which of the following blood vessels returns blood to the right atrium of the heart?

Pulmonary vein Inferior vena cava Carotid artery Aorta

Which chamber of the heart pumps blood into the aorta?

Left ventricle Left atrium Right ventricle Right atrium

What is the function of arteries in the body?

To carry only oxygenated blood away from the heart To carry both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood away from the heart To return blood to the heart To exchange nutrients with the body's tissues

Which portion of the conduction system acts as the "pacemaker" of the heart, and spontaneously conducts action potentials?

Atrioventricular node Bundle of His Sinoatrial node Atrioventricular septum

The shape of which blood vessel type can be altered in order to redirect blood flow?

Artery Capillary Arteriole Venule

The reason for the dicrotic notch on the aortic pressure curve is

Contraction of aorta

Closure of the aortic valve

Rapid filling of the left ventricle

Closure of the pulmonary valve

Rise in the carotid sinus pressure leads to

Reflex hypercapnia

Reflex hyperpnea

Reflex bradycardia

Reflex tachycardia

This sets glomerular capillary pressure apart from other capillaries found in the body

Lower filtration pressure

Higher filtration pressure

Both (a) and (b)

None of these

This is the similarity between pulmonary and systemic circulation

Total capacity

Pulse pressure

Peripheral vascular resistance

Volume of the circulation per minute

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