What file types are supported in MeritHub Drive?

MeritHub drive supports a variety of files that can be used to bolster your teaching process. The file type supported in MeritHub Drive are:

  • PDF files

  • DOC, DOCX(DOCument eXtended) files

  • XLS, XLSX ( Excel Microsoft Office Open XML Format Spreadsheet) files

  • PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML) files

  • WAV, WMA, MP3, MOV, AVG, MPEG, WMV, MP4, WebM files. 

MeritHub’s cloud storage saves the hassle of transferring and carrying data. Therefore the drive supports a variety of file types as listed above and these files can be used in various learning activities including live classes, courses, quizzes, and assignments.

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Contributed by:
Gurjinder Singh