How to create a quiz/practice test on MeritHub?

To create a quiz/practice test on MeritHub, follow the steps given below:

  1. After adding questions into the question bank, select the Quizzes/Tests option from the dashboard of a particular organization.

  1. Under the Quizzes Section, new quizzes can be created by clicking the round blue button at the bottom right corner of the window. You can arrange the quizzes in different folders. Create a new folder and then select the Create Quiz/Question option.

Quiz creation (2).png
  1. Enter a suitable title, description ( can also be embedded with links, images, files and attachments) and Reference URL.

  1. Under the settings section, enter the default marks of each question and negative marking percentage. Time limit can be set based on the needs of the creator. Each question can have its own time limit or the quiz can have a time limit as a whole. The creator can allow participants to attempt without signing up, to see instant feedback and to re-attempt questions.

  1. If you want to allow other teachers of the organization to use and edit this quiz then you can share it with hosts. After that select the Continue option.

  1. The creator can then add questions by clicking on the question tab and selecting the add questions option from the top right corner.  A new section can also be created by clicking on the Add Section option.

  1. To add a section click on the Add Section option and assign a Title and add Description which can be embedded with text, images, files, links and attachments. Click on the Save button to add the section.

  1. The questions and section tab can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping at the desired location.

Contributed by:
Gurjinder Singh