How to Create and Share Quizzes/Polls in MeritHub Virtual Classroom

You can share the questions and polls with participants in the MeritHub Classroom and check their opinion or access their level of understanding on the particular topic. Unlike all other providers, here questions and polls are saved in the question bank of every teacher/host so that they don’t need to create it again and again. Once it is created teachers can reuse it in all other sessions.

Click the plus icon in the topmost row and then choose the quiz option as shown in the below image.

Click the plus button present at the bottom of the window and then create an appropriate folder. It’s always good to keep your question bank organized in folders. Once the folder is created, go to that folder and create the Question button as shown in the below image.

MeritHub enables you to create multimedia-rich questions and polls. Select the question type (Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Matchmaking, Short answer, or poll).

Suppose you are making a multiple-choice question then you can write your question in the space provided in the “Questions” tab. Write options and also mark the correct one (to auto-evaluate). You can embed images, videos, pdf, or any other external webpage.

Mark “Share with” as HOST if you want to share this question with all the teachers in the organization. They will be able to use this question in their sessions.

Now you can share the question and the question will appear on the screens of participants.

Now you would be able to know about the number of submissions so far and also the percentage of correct submissions so far. After all the students are done with attempting the quiz, you can click on end to finish the quiz.

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