Speaking Assignment

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In speaking, pronunciation plays a vital role in order to make the process of communication easy to understand. Fluency is the ability to read, speak, or write easily, smoothly, and expressively.
1. The thing is
1.The thing is, my parents like me to be home by 10 o'clock.
2.You see, the thing is, we won't be finished before Friday.
3.The thing is, I'm allergic to seafood.
4.The thing is she gets mad at the littlest things.
6.I'd love to come, but the thing is, I promised to see Jim
That’s the thing/after
1.That’s the thing you can’t learn English in 6 months.
A: You should check out the new Taylor song, it’s fantastic.
B: Well that’s the thing I’m not really into pop.
3.That’s the thing about books. They left you travel without
moving your feet.
4.That’s the thing I can’t save 2 grand in two month.
5.That's the thing with location data based on Wi-Fi routers: It's
always changing, so Google and others need a reliable way to
keep updating the information.
2. It got me thinking/you
1.When I was 23 years old, all my friends were married and it
got me thinking maybe I should get married too.
2.Then it got me thinking again about all the strange behavior.
3.Flight prices are down and it’s got me thinking, I should book
a plane ticket.
4.It didn't work but it got me thinking.
5.I picked up this book in the hospital library and it got me
6.You got me thinking and you're right.
7.You got me thinking about what I want to do.
In terms of
1.The book is well organized in terms of plot.
2.There was certainly no difference between them in terms of
3.Canada has much to offer in terms of location and climate.
4.I love Iran, but mostly in terms of culture and people.
5.And after the 3 months in the program, what has changed for
you in terms of speaking English?
3. When it comes to (noun or verb+ ing)
1.When it comes to fluency, I encourage you to practice
speaking everyday
2.When it comes to volleyball he is the best player.
3.When it comes to teaching English, he is the best I know
4.He's rather mean when it comes to spending money on the
5.Kate is not good at history, but when it comes to chemistry
she's the best in the class.
6.When it comes to money, Dan is completely irresponsible.
7.When it comes to fashion, I’m just not the best person to ask.
To the point where
1.Things are getting to the point where everyone is fleeing the
2. People are pushed to the point where they’re stealing from
each other.
3. The fight in the game got to the point where the players
started ripping each other‘s jerseys.
4. 4.It was to the point where I couldn’t stand being anywhere
near him. Was he unbearable!