Contributed by:
Ramneet Kaur
1. Name: Grade: IV Subject: LA Formative Assessment Date:
Task: Create a short story in about 100 words on ‘How I spent my Winter
Vacations’. Use your knowledge of idioms to make your story interesting
and unique.
Write a descriptive paragraph describing the picture given below in 100
words. Make sure to use at least 5-7 idioms to make your paragraph
interesting for the reader.
Keep the following criteria in mind as you frame your writing:
1. Coherence in ideas/ thoughts
2. Use of at least 5 suitable idioms as per the context of the writing
3. Punctuation and spelling errors (not more than 5 in total)
3. Criteria Yes No To some extent
Wrote a story/
paragraph with
coherence in
Used at least 5
idioms explaining
the context
Used suitable
punctuation and
wrote accurate