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It includes the study undertaken to understand the importance of the English language in the present scenario. Understanding
each other with good communication urges people to acquire global languages among
the most important and influencing language is the English language.
1. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
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Importance of English Language in today’s World
M.Samanth Reddy, Lecturer in English,
Pragati Mahavidyalaya Degree & P.G.College, Koti, Hyderabad
As social beings human beings need to communicate to each other communication is
very important because everything is impossible to be done without communication.
Human beings use language as the means of communication. Since the prehistoric era
until the current era language always develops. Communication is more effective
because world develops language itself. The language concept including grammar and
parole is the speech concept. Nowadays in the global era communication has become
one of the most crucial elements. Without good communication people from different
nations won’t be able to understand each other. When people don’t understand each
other there are possibilities that misunderstanding will happen need to understand
each other with good communication urges people to acquire global languages among
the most important and influencing language is English language. The study was
under taken to understand the importance of English language in present scenario.
Keywords: English Language, booming, communication
Introduction: History of English: English came about in
England Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and in
English is now a global lingua franca but the south eastern part of Scotland.
was first a West Germanic Language English influences of United Kingdom
spoken in medieval England. Currently, and Great Britain throughout the British
English is the first language for the Empire form the seventeenth to the mid-
majority of the people in several twentieth century’s the language has
countries. There are about 375 million been propagated widely around the
English as first language speakers and world.
750 million English as second language
speakers. English is an official or special Old English is the collective term for the
status in 70 countries. fusion of closely related dialects resulted
English. Germanic setters who settled on
The market for English as a Second Great Britain’s eastern language resulted
Language is booming and more individual in indigoes spoke this language which at
are studying courses such as this one that the time was called Angles. This was
will help them improve own accent and from the Schleswig Holstein used to be
understand native English. English the Angel in ancestral region influence
learners opt to take English to develop came from the Viking invasions in the 9th
for communication socially with others to and 10th centuries.
become part of global economy.
The influence of Great Britain and
United States on international relations
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2. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
Impact Factor: 3.075; Email: drtvramana@yahoo.co.in
and political affairs for the past century Major destinations for tourists such as
has ensured acceptance and proliferation Australia, Great Britain and the United
of English as the main language spoken states all use English as a first language.
in many countries. Plus even countries that don’t speak
English offer services for tourists in
For higher officials and diplomats in English. The moment you learn to speak
major countries a working knowledge of and read the English language, you can
English is important. They can better speak to everyone you meet in the course
grasp the vessel and nuance of of your travels.
international diplomacy and global
affairs. When travelling to locations where people
speak English, you won’t have to worry
In a globalised and interconnected world about being able to find someone to help
the importance of English cannot be you with direction you can understand if
overstated for immigrants by the millions you lose your way. When dinning out, you
that come to the USA form countries that can order dishes you actually like since
don’t speak English. When we travel to you will understand all the ingredients
countries the English is main language written in English.
and it is an important to speak and
understand. Review of Literature:
In many counties and markets, knowing Alfitri, (2012). A research proved that in
English opens opportunities of job internet, more than 80% of the sites use
employment. English is the English as the medium language while
communication medium in fields such as 20% of the rest use the other languages
science and aviation. such as Indonesian, Chinese, and the
other It indicates that if people do not
Multilateral agencies and institutions in learn English as their second language
the four United Nation cities of Geneva, they will only acquire less than 20% of
The Hague, Vienna and New York recruit the new knowledge, for nowadays new
multilingual-skilled professionals. knowledge is mostly shared through the
However, they also expect each candidate internet.
to have good skills of speaking English.
The 50-plus countries that were former Mujiyanto et al (2010:2) defines culture
British as the result of human endeavor to
maintain their life, maintain their
Dependencies or colonies making up the bloodline, and to raise their prosperity;
Commonwealth of Nations also offer therefore culture can be defined as the
numerous opportunities of employment realization of human’s endeavor against
to those who communicate in and the challenges in the process of their
understand English. You can brush up on adaptation towards the environments. It
English by taking courses such as this means that environment changes can
one that show you 8 secrets to English really affect human’s cultural life; when
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3. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
Impact Factor: 3.075; Email: drtvramana@yahoo.co.in
the cultural atmospheres changes, so will written in English or quickly translated
the cultural life. in English. English is the medium of
instruction in Education in most
Mujiyanto et al (2010:5-6) explains that universities and higher education
culture as civilization is divided into two institutes of the world.
classification; they are high culture and
low culture. A society is considered as For Getting Job: English is essential for
highly cultured when the people have getting a good job and better salaries.
highly reading habit, tend to write, Multinational business organizations and
dedicate themselves to the knowledge many international corporations ask for
development, realize their health value, people who have a good working
and so on. knowledge of English. Even job
advertisements in local market also
Sneddon, (2003). As a global language, it require English knowing people. People
is obvious that English plays an who go abroad for work also need to
important role in the international know English. English is need for a
interaction. International interactions variety of jobs as like air hostess, pilot,
include economic relationship among travel guide, media manager etc.
countries, international business
relationship, global trading, and others. For Information: In today’s world of
In this kind of international interactions, information superhighway, English is
English mainly acts as a global lingua essential for getting easy access to any
franca. Lingua franca is a language that information. Almost any information is
is used to communicate among different available is English. English is the
people from different countries. language of information technology and
Importance of English:
In Media And Entertainment: English is
English plays an important role in our important for access to world media and
everyday life; there is Great utility of Entertainment. Satellite channels around
English in modern world. So, the use of the world telecast news and views in
English should be continued along with English. Games and sports are telecast
Hind and other regional languages. live and their commentaries are also
broadcasted in English. Cinemas,
In Business: English is used widely by cartoons and other media productions are
international business community. To available in English.
communicate across national borders and
maintain correspondence with overseas English language is widely used in official
business parties or professionals, English communications: The abolition of English
is essential. will adversely affect the office work.
Most office-goers know English, but
In Education: English is important for many of them do not know other
higher education and specialized training. languages besides their mother-tongue or
Most of the books on any subjects are regional language. Thus, they
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4. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
Impact Factor: 3.075; Email: drtvramana@yahoo.co.in
communicate with each other in English incredible amount of information which
for their everyday work. So, if the office- may not be otherwise available!
goers are asked to bid goodbye to the
English language, they will face a great Importance English international
difficulty. language:
Language is the medium by which a
For International Relation: English is
person communicates his thoughts and
important for maintaining international
feelings to his fellow men. It is the tool,
relations and communications. It is the
with which he conducts his business in
language of diplomacy, international
the society. It is a vehicle, by which
politics and meetings and conferences.
different subject matters are transmitted.
Four reasons why learning English is so A person must know something of the
Important: structure of his language, its position in
the world and its relation to other
1. English may not be the most spoken tongues. A language lives in a society so
language in the world, but it is the official long as people speak it and use it as their
language in a large number of countries. native tongue. A language is important
It is estimated that the number of people because the people who speak it are
in the world that use in English to important politically, socially,
communicate on a regular basic is 2 commercially, economically and
billions culturally. Importance of English
language is doubtlessly great. It is spoken
2. English is the dominant business by more than 340 million people as a first
language and it has become almost a language in United Kingdom and the
necessity for people to speak English if United States.
they are to enter a global workforce,
research from all over the world shows English is widely used as an international
that cross-border business language throughout the world. It is one
communication is most often conducted of the official languages, even in most of
in English. It’s important in the global the countries of the third world. It is also
market place therefore cannot be used for international communication.
understand, learning English really can English is the highly developed language
change your life. which has the ability to express ideas and
it is the means of revelation of modern
3. Many of the world’s top films, books civilization.
and music are published and produced in Importance of English language is due to
English. Therefore by learning English its international use. It is a fact that a
you will have access to a great wealth of vast knowledge of the universe has been
entertainment and will be able to have a demonstrated in this language. For the
greater cultural understanding. achievement of that knowledge, it is
essential to understand this international
4. Most of the content produced on the language. We may assume that it shares
internet (50%) is in English. So knowing with the other highly developed
English will allow you access to an languages of Europe the ability to express
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5. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
Impact Factor: 3.075; Email: drtvramana@yahoo.co.in
the multiplicity of ideas and the parts that are Grammar and Vocabulary
refinement of thoughts that demand (it is reading and writing). Even the
expression in our modern civilization. educational system supports this notion
through dull curricula, teaching methods
In this modern age when electronic media and exams that only measure reading and
has widely spread all over the world, it is writing. When students come to TOEFL
necessary to have the knowledge of this or IELTS, they do fail in the very critical
language because it is the medium of skills which are speaking and listening.
communication and a person, lacking the
knowledge of this language can't get These skills are going to help them pass
awareness of the universal knowledge. tests like TOEFL or IELTS to apply for
abroad universities after graduation or
As it is obvious the universal study is working in industry where English is
mostly revealed in this language, so its mainly used. In addition to inspiring
worth can't be descended. It is the age of students with the language that will help
scientific advancement and mechanical them exchange experiences with other
approach, the subject matter of which is people from different cultures through
demonstrated in English language, so it the social media and support students of
is an essential necessity of the people to practical colleges like medicine or
learn English language. English has geometry where English is the study
proved itself, as a torch-bearing to the language.
nations of the third world. It is
contemplated as the means of ascending Conclusion:
The importance of English cannot be
It is the age of scientific advancement
denied. English is an international
and mechanical approach, the subject
language in the world. Most people are
matter of which is demonstrated in
using this language on the daily life. It is
English language, so it is an essential
an important language because we use
necessity of the people to learn this
this language to communication with
language. English has proved itself, as a
other countries people. English is a
torch-bearing to the nations of the third
common language and you can use
world. It is contemplated as the means of
English to become an international
ascending knowledge.
person. In this global era the people are
urged to be able to communicate globally.
Skills of English Language: English language plays a very important
role especially in international
English has fours skills that are listening, communication. By mastering in English
speaking, reading and writing. ‘To speak people will able to learn more knowledge
is to listen and to write is to read.’ and gather more information. English
Without the integration between these helps people to get jobs in globalization
four skills, English will be clueless. In our use English as major priority. English to
Egyptian environment, students believe make finding job easier and a major skill
that English only consists of two main which make the category of the applicant
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6. International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN: 2348-7666; Vol.3, Issue-4(2), April, 2016
Impact Factor: 3.075; Email: drtvramana@yahoo.co.in
be considered at the high quality as a http://www.importantindia.com/15478/im
qualified applicant and the skill will carry portance-of-english-in-our-life/
the applicants to get a good job in a high
position in national and international http://www.megaessays.com/viewpaper/35
professions. 05.html
All the above facts ensure for English a
bright future despite the loud protests by
language extremist and the anti-English
pleading, we need to learn English for
getting ease anything and anywhere. http://essaynparagraph.com/importance-
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