Combining Like Terms

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How to Combine Like Terms
Why Combine Like Terms
1. Like Terms
People who are twins are a “Like Pair” because they have the exact same features.
An Algebra Equation we can write for this is :
T + T = 2T
Eg. One Twin + One Twin = 2 Twins.
In Algebra, when there are items that are the same thing, we can add them together to make a
simpler expression.
2. Combining Like Terms
+ +
3. Why We Combine Like Terms
Often in real life it is necessary to combine like items together to create a shorter list of items
we can deal with.
For example, imagine that a mathematics class is on an excursion and need to order a take
away food lunch.
It would be crazy to read out each individual order, one after each other, at the counter of the
fast food restaurant.
Instead we would total up how many burgers, how many fries, how many drinks, etc that we
needed for the whole group.
This type of summarizing process is exactly the same as combining like terms.
The following video might get really annoying after a while, but it definitely shows why we need
to group items together into separate sub totals of each type when doing mathematics.
4. How to Combine Like Terms
We can add together items that are the same to make a simplified shorter list of items.
This is called “combining like terms” or “collecting like terms”.
Consider the following family take away order:
Two burgers, one fries, one drink, three more burgers, two more fries, and two more drinks.
This order needs to have the like items grouped together to make a shorter summarized list.
As an algebraic expression: ____________________________________________________________
7. 4x + 6 + 2x
5n + 2 - n - 6
–4b + 2c –4b + 3c
8. Simplify.
4 - 20(g - 1)
5. 6y - 3(x - 2y)
2m + 5(2m + 5n)