Technological and Environmental Transformations (to c. 600 BCE)

The quiz will focus on the impact of geography on the early human settlement during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. Questions will also cover early civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, South Asia, East Asia, and/or Mesoamerica, with particular emphasis on the development of agriculture. Some questions will assess understanding of early culture and social structure.

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The greatest impact of the Neolithic Revolution was in ___.

A decline in hunting as a primary source of food

The development of tools made of metal rather than stone

The creation of sedentary farming societies

The increased importance of women's roles in food production

Paleolithic peoples likely migrated from Africa to Central Asia and Europe because of____.

Fighting between disparate bands

The need for undisturbed hunting and gathering grounds

Environmental changes

An interest in exploring distant lands

Most early agricultural societies____.

Focused on food production, with limited surplus

Emphasized the importance of men's work growing food over women's roles in the household

Experienced an increased birth rate and viewed children as useful additions to the labor force

All of the above

The technology that ushered in the end of early civilizations around 1000 BCE was ____.

The development of iron tools and weapons

The creation of complex writing systems

The invention of the wheel

The spread of transregional trade networks

Under the Mandate of Heaven, the Zhou dynasty did which of the following?

Required citizens to worship one specific religion dictated by the dynasty

Emphasized the importance of pleasing one's ancestors

Identified the rejection of ancestor worship as the reason for the fall of the previous dynasty

Explained that natural disasters signaled heaven's displeasure with the ruling dynasty

True or False, The earliest civilizations developed in river valleys because farmers developed irrigation systems, which required complex organizations like governments to run them.



The period of the Stone Age was associated with the evolution of humans. It predates the Neolithic Period.
Marked by foraging societies and pastoral societies.




None of these

The change from food gathering to food production occurred between ca. 8000 and 2000 B.C.E. In addition, people started to use metal, especially bronze towards the end is known as Neolithic Revolution.



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