Global Interactions (c. 1450 – c. 1750)

The quiz will focus on the creation of a world economy through the Columbian Exchange and other explorations. Some questions will examine how European technological innovations built on classical, Islamic, and Asian maritime technologies. Questions will cover the spread of religion, goods, disease, and people between and within hemispheres.

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British settled Australia primarily in order to___.

Investigate the cultural background of the Aboriginals and study the unfamiliar flora and fauna of Oceania

Civilize the Aboriginals

Establish a supply of raw materials and create a colony for British criminals

Compete with France, which continued to establish new colonies in other parts of the world

Unlike the Spanish, Portuguese exploration and trade focused on,

Exploiting Asian trade networks for exotic goods

Colonizing unexplored lands and establishing forms of direct rule

Circumnavigating the globe in order to improve European maps

Exploring the inner regions of the African continent

The greatest demographic shift that occurred in the Americas in the 16th and 17th centuries was___.

The intermarrying of the native population with European colonists

The decimation of the native population by disease

The decimation of the native population by forced migration and war

The forced migration of the native population to make room for European colonists

The Age of Exploration was enabled by all of the following except,

The granting of royal charters to establish colonies and of monopolies on trade routes

The creation of the joint-stock company, which pooled economic resources

The decline of a middle class, which encouraged lower-class men to seek new economic opportunities abroad

The church's decision to allow business practices such as lending money

The forced migration of men in African societies between the 15th and 18th centuries resulted in the reinforcement of polygyny due to the disproportionately large number of women.



The greatest effect of the introduction of American food crops to Afro-Eurasia was____.

Decreased cultivation of Old World crops

The destruction of former farming techniques as farmers struggled to cultivate New World crops

The loss of key Old World crops to the nutrient-hungry New World crops

Increased cultivation and an increased use of rural land, which supported a growing population

Increased transregional and global trade networks facilitated the spread of religion and other elements of culture as well as the migration of large numbers of people.



A.Official Chinese maritime activity expanded into the Indian Ocean region with the naval voyages led by Ming Admiral Zheng He, which enhanced Chinese prestige.



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