Public Facilities and Services

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Public Facilities and Services.

It includes Sanitation, Transport, Road, Basic needs, NDMC, Water, and other Public Facilities.

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Mumbai suburban ………………………………. is well functioning public transport system.

Roadways Waterways Railways None of the above

The census 2001 put rural household electrification at.

44% 78% 49% 52%

Porto Alegre is a city in ………………………… .

Australia Bangladesh Brazil India

Which companies provide public facilities but at price that only some people can afford.

Private companies Public companies Semi-government companies None of the above

What are Public facilities?

Essential facilities Non Essential facilities Both (a) and (b) None of these

Which areas in Chennai faces severe water shortages?

Madipakkam Mtylapore Slums near Saidapet All these areas

Which of the following is a water related disease?

Plague Eye flu Cholera All of these

How can we prevent water related diseases?

By using pond water By using clean and safe water By using boring water All of these

Which facility, besides safe drinking water, is necessary to prevent water-borne disease?

Sanitation Transport Road All of these

What is the main sources of water?

Municipal water Borewell River water All of these

Wherefrom the government gets funds for providing Public facility?

Income Tax collected from the people Fines collected from the people Other taxes collected from the people All of these

Which of the following is most important public transport?

Aeroplane Boat Buses Cars

Who carries the responsibility of providing public facility to the people?

Government Public Private organisation None of these

France passed a law banning students from wearing any conspicuous religious signs or symbols in year

Feb 2004 Jan 2007 Dec 2006 Dec 2007

For what purpose bore well water is not used?

Toilets Washing Gardening Cooking and drinking purposes

What is special about Porto Alegre?

Highest infant death rate Lowest adult death rate Lowest infant death rate None of these

Equity in the schooling facilities available to all children is an important aspect of

Right to school Right to safety Right to education Right to life

In which year Bengal was divided into two parts?

1905 1910 1915 1920
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