Law and Social Justice

This is an MCQ-based on Law and Social Justice.

This includes Child Labour, Power Looms, Education, and other Social aspects.

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Emissions from vehicles are a major cause of

Environmental pollution Air pollution soil pollution All of the above

In which years did the Bhopal gas tragedy happen?

1984 1994 1992 1985

Right to Life is under which Article of the Constitution?

Art 22 Art 25 Art 23 None of the above

According to ………………………. census over 12 million children in India aged between 5 and 14 work in various occupations including hazardous ones.

2002 2001 2011 None of the above

How can we reduce environment pollution?

By using diesel cars By using CNG kits in vehicle By using petrol cars None of these

Which type of pollution is created by vehicle’s smoke?

Air pollution Water pollution Noise pollution All of these

The money spent to purchase new machine or building for gaining profits in future is called

investment expenditure losses none of these

How do the private companies earn more profit?

Giving high wages Less working hours Both of these None of these

Which of the following is powerlooms?

Where the production is made by hand. Where the production is made by machines using electricity. Both (a) and (b) None of these

Which of the following are hazardous industries?

Pesticides Asbestos producing Ship breaking All of these

Children labour prevention act was amended by the government in -

Oct-06 Oct-05 Jan-02 Sep-07

Child Labour prevention means -

All of the options Child under 14 of age banned for working in tea shops Child under 14 of age banned for working in Restaurants Child under 14 of age banned for working in dhabas

Right against exploitation says that -

No one can be forced to work for low wages All of the options No one can interrupt constitution Every person is free to chose any religion

To protect people from exploitation - government make certain _________

Laws Police Courts Ministers

Which gas has been leaked from UC plant in Bhopal gas tragedy.

Nitrogen oxide

Methyl – isocyanate

Carbon dioxide

Carbon monooxide

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