Perimeter and Area

In this quiz, you will find questions related to perimeter and area of different shapes like triangle, circle, square, etc.

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Perimeter of a square =

side × side 3 × side 4 × side 2 × side

Area of a square =

side × side 2 × side 3 × side 4 × side

Area of a rectangle of length l and breadth b is

l × b l + b 2 × (l + b) 6 × (l + b)

Ayush made his picture on a rectangular sheet of length 60 cm and breadth 20 cm wide. Area of picture is :

1200 cm2 1250 cm2 1100 cm2 None of these

The length and breadth of a rectangular hall in a model are 0.4 m and 30 cmrespectively. What is the distance between the opposite corners of the wall in the model?

34.16m 50m 34.16 cm 50cm

What is the circumference of a circle of diameter 10 cm?

35 cm 30 cm 31.4 cm None of these

A wire bent in the form of a circle of radius 42 cm is again bent in the form of a square. What is the ratio of the regions enclosed by the circle and the square?

11:12 21:33 22:33 14:11

The length and the breadth of a rectangular piece of land are S00 m and 300 m. Find the cost of the land if 1 m2 of the land costs Rs. 10000.

Rs. 15,00,00,00 Rs. 1500,000 Rs. 1500,00 None of these

Which quadrilateral is not a parallelogram?

Trapezium Square Rhombus Rectangle

A figure is said to be regular if its sides are equal in length and angles are equal in measure, Can you identify the regular quadrilateral?

Square Rectangle Rhombus Parallelogram

If the radius of a circle is 4cm, then the length of its diameter is

8cm 16cm 4cm 2cm

The circumference of a circle of diameter d is





The part of the circlular region of the plane enclosed by an arc of a circle and its two bounding radii is called a _______ of a circle.




None of all

All _______ of a circle are equal in length





The perimeter of a rectangle of length l and breadth b is

l + b

2 × (l + b)

3 × (l + b)

l × b

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