Motion and Measurement of Distances

This is an interactive Quiz on the topic motion and Measurement of Distances.

This will include the topics such as, distances, speed and time, calculation and measurement of distances.

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The height of a man is 1.56 m. This height is equal to:

1560 mm

156 mm

15.6 mm

1560 cm

Which of the following does not express a time interval?

A day

A second

A school period

Time of the first bell in the school

Which of the following is a smallest unit of length?





The tip of the seconds’ hand of a clock is colored red. Which of the following types of motion will be exhibited by the red colored tip of the seconds’ hand of this clock?

Rotational motion and Periodic motion

Rotational motion and Circular motion

Periodic motion and Circular motion

Circular motion and Rectilinear motion

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one(s):

The movement of an object is called motion.

An object is said to be in motion or moving when its position changes with time.

When the position of a car changes with time, we say that the car is moving or that the car is in motion.

All the above.

Which is a correct relationship?

1 m = 100 cm

1 cm = 100 mm

1 km = 100 m

all of these

4 kilometres are equal to

4,00,000 meter

40,000 meter

4,000 meter

400 meter

What is the SI unit of length?




All of these

Which is a standard unit of measurement?

Angul (finger)

Mutthi (fist)



One metre is equal to ………….. millimetre.





Which is an example of a periodic motion?

Oscillation of a pendulum

Motion of a bus on road

A spinning top

A stone dropped from a certain height

What kind of motion is executed by a pendulum of a wall clock?

Oscillatory motion

Vibratory motion

Circular motion

Linear motion

15 cm are equal to

150 mm

15 mm

1.5 mm

0.15 mm

Read The Following Sentences Carefully, And Choose The Correct One:

When you push up box on the floor it undergoes rectilinear motion.

Measurement involves the comparison of an unknown quantity with a known quantity.

Motion of needle of a sewing machine is periodic motion.

All the above

Read The Following Sentences Carefully, And Choose The Incorrect One:

Transport means to carry people and goods from one place to another.

People learnt to join together plank on wood to make boats having a streamlined shape.

The invention of wheel made a great change in the modes of transport.

In the beginning of 18th century, the invention of steam engine introduced a new source of power to run transport vehicles.

Devesh Appeared In Class Test But He Confused To Know The Incorrect Statement. Would You Help Him To Know That?

The invention of internal combustion engine in the second half of 19th century gave us transport vehicles called automobiles.

Aero-planes where developed as a means of transport in the early 20th century.

The length of the space between two points or two places is called distance.

Compass (navigation) is invented by Egyptian.

In A Science Quiz Competition, Nalini Is Asked A Question Where She Had To Choose The Statement Which Was/Were Incorrect?

It is necessary to have standard units of measurement for the sake of uniformity in measurements.

Every measurement consists of a number and a unit.

Measurement is not complete unless both the number and the unit are mentioned.

The SI unit of measuring length is centimeter.

A Carpenter Is Fixing A Certain Rod On The Wall By Tightening A Screw. How Many Different Kinds Of Motion Is The Screw Undergoing?

Rotational motion and Random motion

Rotational motion and Oscillatory motion

Periodic motion and Circular motion

Circular motion and Rectilinear motion

Consider The Following Statements And Choose The Correct One:

One complete cycle from the point of release to the other extreme and back to the initial point is called one oscillation.

When a body moves in different direction and does not have a fixed path, it is called random motion.

An object that does not change its place or position with time, relative to its surrounding is said to be stationary or at rest.

All the above.

Among the following, an example of rectilinear motion is

A train moving on a straight bridge

Swaying of a Tree

A child on merry-go-round

The motion of pendulum in a wall clock

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