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This is an interactive quiz on Plants.

It includes topics such as photosynthesis, leaf venation, transpiration.

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Which of the following is not the primary function of stem?

Conduction of water Photosynthesis Formation of branches Bears flowers and fruits

Which of the following is the correct match between the characteristics of stem and the category of plant?

Weak stem which cannot stand upright: Creeper Green tender stem: Shrub Thick, hard stem with branching near the base: Tree Thick, hard stem with branches high on the plant: Herb

Science teacher asked Rahul, which of the given sentences is or are incorrect? Will you help him?

Shrubs are medium sized plants whereas trees are very tall and big plants. Shrubs branch near the ground whereas tree branch much above the ground. Shrubs have thin stem whereas trees have thick stem. None of the above.

Paheli is writing about the function of root of a plant. Choose the correct one(s):

Roots anchor the plant to the soil. Roots absorbs water and minerals from the soil. Roots help in holding the soil together. All the above.

Boojho is writing some statements, choose the incorrect statement and help him:

The leaf is a thin, broad, flat and green part of a plant which is attached to the stem. Lamina and petiole are two main parts of a leaf. Mid-rib found in the center of lamina. A few numbers of veins spread out from the mid rib to all the parts of the leaf.

Which is a correct set of parts of a pistil?

Ovary, style and filament Ovary style and stigma Ovary, anther and filament Filament and anther

Which is not a part of a leaf?

Petiole Lamina Veins Nodes

Which of the following type of plants has thick, hard and woody stem?

Tree Shrub Herb All of these

Leaf venation and type of root is correctly paired in

Parallel venation, fibrous roots

Parallel venation, taproot

No relation exists in leaf venation and type of roots

Reticulate venation, fibrous roots

Parallel venation is not found in





Which of the following has fibrous root?

Peas Wheat Radish Neem

Male reproductive part of flower is





The process of loss of water by a plant through leaves is called





Name plants which have roots outside the soil.

Sugarcane Money plant Banyan All of these

The out side the soil gives support to the branches of the plants and trees due to which they do not break.

Stem Soil Branches Roots

The root absorbs water from the:

Stem Soil Branches Flower

The arrangement of leaves at a node is:

Phyllotaxy Stamen Petals Sepals

…………. is the part of the stem between two nodes.

Node Midrib Internode Veins

Read The Following Sentences About Photosynthesis And Choose The Correct Pair Of Sentences That Is True?

Leaves carry out photosynthesis and proteins are made during photosynthesis.

Sunlight, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll and water are necessary and leaves carry out photosynthesis.

Oxygen is absorbed and proteins are made during photosynthesis.

Sunlight, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll and water are necessary and proteins are made during photosynthesis.

Which one of the following is a function of leaves?



Both (a) and (b)

Support fruits

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