Involvement and Interference of the British in Indian Education

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Civilizing the Native and Educating the Nation.

This includes Linguist, Education Act, Orientalists, and Pathshalas.

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Who said these “Education means all round drawing out of the best in child and man- body, mind and spirit”?

Rabindranath Tagore Mahatma Gandhi Swami Dayanand Saraswati None of these

What type of school did Tagore want to set up?

Where the child was happy Where he/she could be free and creative He/she was able to explore her own thoughts and desire All of the above

Study of which of the following was NOT the purpose of setting up Madrasa in Calcutta in 1781?

Arabic Sanskrit Persian Islamic laws

The English Education Act was passed

To materialise Macaulay’s thinking To make the English the medium of instruction for higher education To stop the promotion of oriental institutions All of the above

William Jones was a linguist because

He had studied Greek and Latin He knew French and English He had learnt Persian All of these

Who set up Asiatic Society of Bengal?

William Jones Henry Thomas Colebrooke Nathaniel Halhed All of these

Madrasa was set up ip, Calcutta in the year

1750 1761 1771 1781

According to whom, “English education had enslaved Indians”?

Rabindranath Tagore Mahatma Gandhi Subhas Chandra Bose Aacharya Vinoba Bhave

The Education Act was introduced in the year

1850 1835 1910 1900

Asiatic Researches (Journal) was NOT started by

William jones

Henry Thomas Colebrooke

Nathaniel Halhed

William Carey

Those with a scholarly knowledge of the language and culture of Asia were known as:

Vernacular Orientalists Anglicists Munshi

Hindu College was established in Benaras in:

1781 1773 1777 1791

Charles Wood despatch was also known as:

Wood’s Despatch Wood’s Commission Macaulay Committee Court of Directors

In 1830’s a Scottish missionary who toured the districts of Bengal and Bihar was:

Williams Carey William Adam Thomas Babington Charles Wood.

Which year was the English education Act introduced in India?

1800 1900 1835 1880

What would you call a person who knows several languages ?

Biographer Linguist Biolinguist Translator

Name the important scholar who studied Sanskrit and found it to be the most scientific language of the world. He also translated the important works Shakuntala and Manusmriti into English

Charles Wood William Jones Nathaniel Halhed Max Muller

Three Englishmen were busy discovering the ancient Indian heritage and mastering Indian languages. One was Willam Jones and another Henry Thomas Colebrooke. Name the third person

Max Muller Nathaniel Halhed Warren Hastings Henry Thomas Colebrooke

How did the European learning improve the moral character of Indians?

It would expand the trade and commerce It would make them truthful and honest It would make the Indians realize the importance of developing resources of the country It would make them change their tastes and desires and create a demand for British goods

Name the person who arrived in Calcutta in 1783 and was appointed as junior judge at the Supreme Court.

Warren Hastings

Lord Comwalis

William Jones

Henry Thomas

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