Colonial Cities: Towns and Cities in Pre-Colonial times

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Colonial Cities.

This includes Colonial record and urban history, A new urban milieu, and Transfer of capital from Calcutta to Delhi

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Bombay was given to the company in ________

1690 1661 1639 1680

First census survey was held in _________

1872 1882 1892 1852

Madras, among the British population, was known as _________

Fort William Fort Saint George Fort Augustus All of these

Civil lines were established for the ________

Clerks Kings Labourers British

Lottery committee was established in __________

1795 1800 1817 1805

When did the East India Company settle in Madras?

1639 1661 1690 1699

When did the East India Company settle in Calcutta?

1639 1661 1690 1699

What do you understand by the term ‘dubashes’?

Indians weavers Indians living in ‘White towns’ Villagers living in cities Indians who could speak two languages

Who donated money for the construction of University Hall?

Sir Cowasjee Jehangir Readymoney Premchand Roychand Rajabai Roychand Jamsetji Tata

Which Viceroy officially moved his council to Shimla?

John Lawrence

Lord Wellesley

Robert Clive

Henry Lawrence

The lottery committee was made to

To develop Calcutta To develop Bombay To develop Madras To develop Delhi

Which of the following option is correct?

First census survey was held in 1881. The British lived in Black towns. John Lawrence officially shifted his council of Shimla in 1804. Bombay was the commercial capital of colonial India

Which of the following statement is not correct:

Bombay was given to the British King as Dowry. The British divided cities into Black towns and white towns. Lord Dalhousie officially shifted his council to Shimla. Madras was developed by incorporating many surrounding villages.

For the development of which of the following cities, Lottery Committee was made is collect funds?

Bombay Calcutta Madras Delhi

Gateway of India was made to welcome _______

Jamshed Ji Tata Premchand Raichand George V and his wife Lord Dalhousie
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