Indian Textiles and the World Market

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Weavers, Iron Smelters, and Factory Owners.

This includes Textile Industry, Portuguese, Smelting, and many more.

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_______ on the West coast was one of the important sources of trade from Indian Ocean in the early 17th century.

Bombay Surat Kozhikode Kandla

Why was the Indian textiles popular ?

By its fine quality By its cheap price By its fine quality and exquisite craftsmanship By its exquisite craftsmanship

Before 1750, ____ was the largest producer of cotton textiles in the world.

India Britain Burma China

Women and men who carried basket loads of iron ore on their heads were called

Wootz Agaria Bandanna Cossaes

Portuguese first came to India in search of

Cotton Spices Steel Muslin

Tipu Sultan’s sword was made of

Stainless steel Wootz Silver None of these

Michael Faraday spent four years in studying

The property of Indian steel The ancient Indian culture The properties of Indian Wootz None of these

Which place in India had one of the finest ores in the world?

Raniganj Jharia Rajhara Hills None of these

……………. cloth had a large market in Europe.

Chintz Patola Jamdani None of these

In which century did the India’s textile industry decline?

17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century

What things did Portuguese take back to Europe?

Steel Sugar Cotton textile Coffee

TISCO expanded steel production during the

First World War Second World War Third World War None of these

Which of the following was woven in Surat, Ahmedabad and Patan and valued in Indonesia?

Patola Muslin Calico Jamdani

European encountered just fine cloth from India carried by the Arab merchants and they named the cloth as:

Bandanna Calica Muslin Patola

Which country from 1850’s came to be known as ‘workshop of the world’?

England India Japan Africa

In 1764, name the person who invented the spinning jenny.

Wellesley Dorabji Charles Weld John Kaye

Which of the following is a home spinning instrument?





__________ weavers were based in North India





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