Colonialism and the City

This is an MCQ-based quiz on Colonialism and the City.

This includes Presidency, Manufacturing Town, and Colonialism.

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When did Delhi become the capital of British India?

1900 1905 1911 1915

When did the British gain control of Delhi?

1800 1803 1805 1810

Which was NOT the place of East India Company’s ‘factories’?

Calcutta Surat Madras Delhi

Which region was NOT de-urbanised in the 19th century?

Machlipatnam Surat Seringapatam Bombay

Spinning Jenny was invented by

Weld John Kaye Dorabji None of these

Which of the following was manufacturing town?

Madurai Dacca Surat Agra

Which of the following city was Not developed as Presidency city in colonial India?

Agra Bombay Madras Calcutta

Most of the migrants in Delhi were from

Bengal Assam Punjab Rajasthan

Which was NOT the new British Port in the late eighteenth century?

Bombay Machlipatnam Madras Calcutta

Which period was referred to as the period of Delhi Renaissance?

1820-1830 1830-1857 1830-1847 1820-1847

Why did the Lahori Gate Improvement Scheme was planned in 1888?

Draw the residents away from the old city to a new type of market square. Reduce congestion. Make way for hand-pull carts. Increase population.

Which is the largest and grandest mosque in Delhi?

Jama Masjid Sunheri Begumpur mosque None of them

Which of the following was not a Presidency?

Bombay Madras Bengal Delhi

How many Delhi Muslims migrated in the 1947 partition of India?

Over two-third of the Delhi Muslims

Over one-third of the Delhi Muslims

Over three-fourth of the Delhi Muslims

None of these

Most of the migrants in Delhi were from





Which region was NOT de-urbanized in the 19th century?





The British exiled Bahadur Shah Zafar to ……………..


Sri Lanka



Zinat-al-Masjid was converted into which Building?

Residential house


Slaughter house


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