Internal Trade: Buying and Selling of Goods/Services Within the Boundaries of a Nation

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the trade within a nation, how it is easy compared to external trade? types of internal trade, examples of internal trade, features of internal trade, etc.

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The purchase of goods from a foreign country is called ____________

Entreport Import Re-Export Export

It is a network of a number of branches situated at different localities in the city or in the different parts of the country.

Multiple shop Consumers? co-operative store Hire purchase system Internet marketing

Small scale Fixed retailers includes ____________

Hawkers Pedlars Cheap Jacks General stores

____________ are agents who merely bring the buyer and the seller into contact.

Selling agent Commission agent Stockist Broker

This retail business acts as a universal supplier of a wide variety of products.

Departmental store Multiple shop Mail order Business. Tele-shopping

____ are mobile traders who deal in low priced articles with no fixed place of business.

Street stalls Retailers Itinerant traders Agents

____________ can check the price fluctuations in the market by holding back the goods when prices fall and releasing the goods when prices raise.

Wholesaler Agent Retailer Mercantile agent

A warehouse keeper accepts goods for the purpose of ____________

Selling Packaging Export Storage

The risk of bad debts in this business is eliminated particularly when payment is received through V.P.P.


Mail order trading house

Departmental store

Co-operative store

The aim is to economies by buying in common and to retain their profits by selling in common.

Multiple shop

Web marketing


Consumer’s co-operative store

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