Emerging Modes Of Business: E-Business, E-Commerce, and Outsourcing

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the different emerging modes of business, their advantages, features, etc.

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Which one of the following is NOT an example of transactional risk?

Hacking Default on order taking Default on payment Default on delivery

An important C2C area of interactive commerce can be the formation of _______

Consumers forum and pressure group B2B Commerce Banking Insurance

Which of the following is a limitation of e-business?

Ethical fallouts Risk Low personal touch All of the above

B2C variant of e-commerce enables a business to be in touch with its_______

Managers Customers Creditors Employees

Factoring is _____type of outsourcing service.

Financing Advertising Courier service Customer support

Which method is very popular for making online transactions?

Credit Card All of these Net banking Debit Card

____________ refers to contracting out some of its activities to a third party which were earlier performed by the organisation.

BPO E-Commerce Outsourcing E-Banking

Which one of the following is used to avoid transactional risk?

Credit Card Authentication Digital cash. Cyber Cells Encryption

Which one of the following is the Benefit of outsourcing?

Cost reduction Sweat shopping Resentment in home country Ethical fall out


Restricts only to the contracting out of non core business activities. Includes off shoring Restricts only to the contracting out of Information Technology Enabled Services. Includes both core and non core business activities but restricted to only domestic territory

The annoyance in terms of some onscreen display?

Firms interaction with its customers

Firms interaction with other business firms

Firms interaction with its own departments

None of these

Formation of Consumers Forum and Pressure groups is an example of?




Intra B

Expand VPN?

Virtual Public Network

Virtual Popular Network

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Personal Network

The use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology to send and receive commercial documents like purchase order etc is an example of___________




Intra B

Both Sellers and buyers are business firms, under ___type of e-commere transaction.

B2B Commerce

C2B Commerce

B2C Commerce

C2C Commerce

Under what method payment is made at the time of physical delivery of goods?

Cash on delivery

Debit card payment

Credit card payment

Prepaid amount

It is not an application of e-business?

Contract R&D

Online trading

Online procurement

Online bidding

In outsourcing the process may be outsourced to_________

All of the options.



Captive BPO unit.

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