Business Services: Services used by Business Enterprises

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the different business services such as Banking, Insurance, communication, Warehousing, and transportation.

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________ banks are included in the second schedule of RBI.

Scheduled State Commercial Corporation

In which year Crop Insurance scheme was introduced in India?

1978-79 1985-86 1948-49 1990-91

From the following which of these is covered under Marine Insurance?

Whole Life policy Liability Insurance Endowment policy Act only

Insurance is a contract between _________ and ________

Insurer, insured Agent, insurance Insured, insurance Insurer, family

A person gets his stock worth Rs. 50,000 insured for Rs. 70,000. A fire occurs and the whole stock gets damaged. The Insurance Company admits a claim of Rs. 50,000 only and not Rs. 70,000. Identify the principle of insurance being applied?

Principle of Indemnity Principle of Insurable Interest Principle of Subrogation Principle of Contribution

In which year Insurance Act was amended in India?

1940 1928 1938 1945

Which of the following is not applicable in life insurance contracts?

Indemnity contract Unilateral contracts Conditional Contracts None of the above

In which year Children’s Money Back plan was introduced?

1985 1988 1995 1989

Which of the following is not a function of insurance?

Risk sharing Assist in capital formation Lending of funds None of the above

A doctor can operate only on the condition that the patient is ready to take his service. Identify the feature of services mentioned here.

Inseparability Intangibility Inconsistency Inventory (less)

Which of the following has largest number of branches across India?

Postal offices Banks SBI Insurance companies

IndusInd Bank comes under which category of banks?

Private Sector Banks Public Sector Banks Cooperative Banks None of the options

Which bank is known as Apex Bank of India?

The Reserve Bank of India The State Bank of India The Central Bank The Bank of India

Bankers are not only dealers of money but also leaders in_______

Industry development

Service development

Trade development

Economic development

The fee charged by the insurer on account of providing services is called?





The validity period of a demand draft is___________

One month

Two Months

Three months

Six Months

DTH services are provided by__________

Transport Company


Cellular Company

None of these

Which of the following is an allied postal service__________

Greeting post

Media post

Speed post

Passport Application

In services activities of producers and consumption takes place simultaneously. Which characteristic of service does this statement signify?



Inventory (less)


_______ is a plastic money.

Banking transfer


Digital cash

Credit card

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