Private, Public, and Global Enterprises: Business Owned by Individuals or a Group of Individuals

In this quiz, you will find questions related to Enterprises (Private, Public, and Global), who own these different types of Enterprises? etc.

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PSE’s are organizations owned by :

Joint Hindu Family Government Foreign Companies Private Enterpreneurs.

Disinvestment of PSE’s implies :

Sale of equity shares to private sector/public sector Closing down operations Investing in new areas Buying shares PSE’s.

Private company is related to which sector:

Mixed Public Private Government

Which is not MNC’s of USA :

Coca Cola Pepsi Partnership Joint venture

Which industry is not reserved for public sector :

Sugar industry Nuclear energy Weapons Rail transport.

Indian economy is _________

Closed Economy Private Economy Mixed Economy Fully Developed Economy

Which of the following enterprises may benefit the most by an established brand name at the time of incorporation?

Departmental Undertaking Government Company Statutory corporations Joint Venture

Which of the following types of organisations has the capability of expansion of market territory and operates through a network of subsidiaries, branches and affiliates?

MOFA MNC Public Sector enterprises Private sector enterprises

Mergers and Monopolistic Activities is a disadvantage of which form of business enterprise?

Joint Ventures Statutory corporation Departmental undertakings. Government companies.

Reserve bank of India has been set up as which type of public enterprise?

Statutory corporation MNC Departmental undertakings. Government companies

A government company is any company in which paid up capital; held by government is not less than

0.51 0.5 0.49 0.48

_________ consists of business owned by individuals or a group of individuals.

Public Sector

Private Sector

Service Sector

None of the above

Reconstruction of sick public sector units is taken by:

BIFR (Board of Industrial and Financial reconstruction)

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

FERA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act)

IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India)

Stages in the formation of a public company are in the following order:

Promotion, Incorporation, capital subscription, the commencement of business

Incorporation, Capital of Business, Capital Subscription Commencement of Business, Promotion

Capital Subscription, Promotion, Incorporation, Commencement of Business

Promotion, the commencement of business

Departmental Undertakings are suitable in case of:

National security

Commercial undertakings

Industrial undertakings

Infrastructural Facilities

PSE’s are organizations owned by?

Joint Hindu family


Foreign Companies

Private entrepreneurs

A government company is any company in which the paid-up capital held by the government is not less than?

49 percent

51 percent

50 percent

25 percent

Indian economy is a?

Socialist economy

Pure market economy

Mixed economy

Traditional economy

The oldest form of organization of public enterprises:

Departmental Undertaking

Statutory Corporation.

Government Company

Multinational Company.

Steel Authority Of India Limited is a public enterprise. Identify this form of public enterprise?

Government Company

Statutory Corporation.

Departmental Undertaking

Multinational Company.

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