Drainage System: Flow of Water through Well-Defined Channels

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the drainage system also known as river systems, its types, amount of water flown through them, periodicity of the flow, etc.

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Name the source of River Indus.

Deccan Plateau Mansarovar lake Gangotri Zanskar Valley

Name an important river of Peninsular India forming an estuary at its mouth.

Ganga Godawari Narmada Padma

When the drainage develops similar to branches of a tree, it is called:

Radial Dendritic Centripetal Trellis

Which river consists 77% of the drainage area?

Ganga Brahmaputra Mahanadi All of them

Name the source of the Krishna River.

Deccan Plateau Mansarovar lake Mahableshwar ZanskarValley

Which one of the following rivers is known as the Sorrow of Bengal?

Gandak Kosi Son Damodar

What is the source of the Jhelum River?

Zanskar Valley Mansarovar lake Western Ghats Wular lake

River Kaveri flows through________

Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat

Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal

Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan

Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu

Which region has the youngest rivers in India?

The Eastern Ghats

The Western Ghats

The Himalayas

Deccan plateau

Name the main watershed of Peninsular rivers.

Deccan Plateau

The Western Ghats

The Eastern Ghats

Himalayan Mountains

Watershed is also known as:

Catchment area




Major river basin includes:

16 drainage basin

14 drainage basin

10 drainage basin

15 drainage basin

A relief which divides two areas drained by the river is known as:


River basin

Drainage pattern

Water management

In the mountainous course, the Himalayan rivers form:



Braided channels


On the basis of regional distribution the Indian drainage system is categorised into:





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