Water (Oceans): A Cyclic Resource

In this quiz, you will find questions related to the water of oceans, how water reaches oceans, the hydrological cycle, etc.

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A major portion of sea level is found at:

10-12 kms below sea level 6-9 kms below sea level 3-6 kms below sea level 1-2 kms below sea level

________ is the extended margin of each continent occupied by relatively shallow seas and gulfs.

Oceanic Shelf Continental shelf Salocline Hydra Shelf

Which one of the following is not a minor relief feature in the oceans:

Seamount Atoll Oceanic Deep Guyot

What is the average salinity of the ocean water?

35 per thousand 350 per thousand 3.5 per thousand 3 per thousand

Name the mid-oceanic ridge in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Challenger ridge Dolphin ridge Walvis Chille

The geographers have divided the oceanic part of the earth into ______ oceans.

Two Three Four Five

Along the coasts, salinity is:

Lowered Increased Stable Unaffected

The continental slope connects the continental shelf and _______

The continental shelf

The halocline

The ocean basins

None of them

Salinity refers to the total amount of________

Sediments in the water

Impurities present in the water

The salt present in the water

Heat present in the water

The average time that an element remains dissolved in the ocean before removal is known as:

Residence time

Critical time

Mean time

None of them

Name the mid-oceanic ridge in the North Atlantic Ocean,


Dolphin ridge


None of them

Which one of the following is the smallest ocean:

The Indian Ocean

The Arctic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

The Pacific Ocean

A mid-ocean ridge is an underwater mountain system formed by?

Plate tectonics


Ocean currents

Submarine landslides

______ a mountain with pointed summits, rising from the seafloor that does not reach the surface of the ocean.



Oceanic Shelf

None of them

Name the saline layer of ocean waters which was identified on the basis of temperature:



Layer of warm water

None of them

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